A good linux distro for an older computer.

I currently have two computers at home. One is my Windows Xp box which I use for most things. I have an older e-machines Intel Celeron 800mhz computer. I have on there 384 MB of RAM. It had been a dual boot with Windows 2000 and Red Hat 9.0 later Fedora Core 1.

Last month, I installed Ubuntu Linux and just started all afresh making it a Linux only box. I like Ubuntu, I was able to get the computer hooked into the router and configured no problem. However, the computer is slow. I’ve tried KDE instead of Gnome and it just feels slow, especially compared to how it felt with Fedora.

What I am looking for is a nice easy to use distro like Ubuntu with an easy installer, that will run a bit faster on my somewhat antiquated system.

Any suggestions.

The Debian installer isn’t too bad nowadays. And as Ubuntu is based on Debian, you know that there shouldn’t be too many problems with it!

The advantage is that you can install a bare system, then install X, and then the bare basics of Debian. I’ve got this setup running on a 233Mhz system with 192KB, and it runs quite nicely with IceWM. With Gnome running, it’s still as fast as Windows setup on the same machine.