A Good Source of [Somewhat] Insider Film & TV Industry Scoop

I’m looking for a website that carries Film & TV industry news and scoop, but on a somewhat deeper level than what you would find at, say, ew.com. Ferinstance, instead of “ZOMG TomKat is Over!” there would be “The cast of The Big Bang Theory reports back to Warner Brothers Studios July 20th blah blah blah.”

Any recommendations?

Something along the lines of Variety.com or HollywoodReporter.com perhaps?

I would agree that the Hollywood trades are what you are looking for like Variety.

Deadline.com is pretty good. They do some great reporting on pilot season each year.

There’s also TVLine.com, though that pretty much covers just TV.

And as mentioned above, Variety and HollywoodReporter are good as well.

Deadline.com is pretty good. The comments are worth looking at, since it is read by people who work in the industry. There are often posts by people who might be in some way connected with the story, or have opinions based on having worked with the people involved. There is the usual internet commentary stuff as well, but the signal/noise ratio is a bit higher.

Personally I can’t stand Variety. Their made-up jargon (which I have never heard anyone use) and odd writing style rules are too grating for me.

Deadline is absolutely the winner. Another site I like is /Film, but it’s a distant second place.

Wow, Deadline is exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks for the recommendations!