A Grape Gripe

Why is it so hard to find a good grape soda? Most of them are grey, artificially flavored and disgusting. The so called “natural” ones are poor in flavor and overcarbonated. All I want is something that comes as close to Concord grape juice as is possible and has just the right amount of carbonation.

Where’s *The Grapist when you need him?

And where’s The Codist when I need him? :smack:

My quest of for diet grape soda IN A CAN!

Polar makes pretty decent grape soda and they even make diet! But I cannot find it in a can.

Frankly if they have chocolate soda in a can they can make grape in a can!

Grape drinks I can remember:

Nehi Grape

Various non-carbonated things like Welch’s. Is there a grape Snapple?

Never really liked any of them except real grape juice. And I guess the variety would have been Concord.

Do they even make soft drinks from grapes otherwise headed for the winery?

Always thought people who drank grape soft drinks looked funny with their lips all purple.

I feel your pain, Czarcasm. You’d think a decent grape or lime soda would be within reach of a civilization that can land men on the moon.

A decade ago I predicted the return of chicle chewing gum. I wish those product marketers were still tapping my phone now as I wish for a series of naturally flavored and colored sodas. Hansen’s makes a valiant effort, but their lime soda falls short. Only Bundaberg’s Lemon Lime Bitters and San Pellegrino’s Limonatta come close to truly acceptable citrus drinks.

<GI Joe Joke> Czarcasm! I didn’t know you joined the Dredknoks! </GI Joe Joke>

Do you have Stewart’s Soda where you live? They have a flavor called Key Lime Pie that’s really good. They also have a grape soda flavor but since I hate grape flavored beverages, I’ve never tried it.

Juice only, please.

Boylans and Thomas Kemper are good.

But then, I like artificial grape flavor - so I’m biased.

You reminded me of that grape candy that just like in soda, the grape flavor is not quite there, but the name was unforgettable:

Alexander the Grape!!!:


I can second Aesiron on the Stewart’s. Their key lime soda is very good, but I haven’t tried their grape either. They also make a ginger beer that rivals Reed’s in attitude. But the only place I’ve been able to find it in Oregon is Nap’s Thriftway in Newberg. I’ll bring a bottle to the Portadope for you Zen.

I always liked Welch’s grape soda. Minute Maid grape was not as good.

And yes, Snapple makes a grape drink. Not bad. Used it a high school play as mock chianti, lol.

I like Stewart’s grape, myself. It’s maybe slightly more real-tasting than Welch’s, I think.

I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but Faygo Grape Soda is prety good. Stewart’s is good, but not as good as Faygo.

Do they make a white grape soda? I think it may taste good.

In South Africa, Fanta made a grape-flavoured version… it was gooooood…

::drools quietly, sipping on insipid London tapwater::


Major commercial “grape” sodas are not grape flavored, they’re purple flavored. I have considered, once we’ve moved and will have a large enough kitchen to withstand high-end culinary experiments, attempting to whip up a batch of honest to goodness grape soda from real grapes.

One day, oh yes, one day…

We’re in more dire need of honest-to-god Concord Grapes here in Florida than we are of soda, or juice.

Sigh…to be in Upstate with the plethora of U-pick-ems…

these aren’t classified as sodas, per se, but Safeway has their house-label flavored carbonated beverages that might help both of you. their SELECT clear no-calorie, no-sugar drinks have flavors like Key Lime, White Grape, Blackberry Raspberry … easily 8 different combinations or more. they come in clear liter bottles, cost less than a dollar each, and most of the flavors i find quite yummy. they’re clear like water, but they don’t actually call them flavored carbonated water, like the H2O stuff that’s come out lately.

Have you tried any variety of sparkling grape juice?
It’s supposed to be a non-alcholic champagne substitute but it would be the closest thing to real grape soda i’d think.