A great way to elect world leaders

I’ve been toying with this great way to elect world leaders.

I’ve been thinking of the benefits of a system of government where the person who gains power is the person who does the most death-defying stunt and survives.

The upside is that this would mean only they really idealistic or really greedy would try such a thing.

Some elections would probably be solved by acclimation as participants chickened out. Not many people would have to die.

The downside is that it wouldn’t be hard for corporations to saturate the elections with suicidal nuts. Should one of them win, they’d make the ultimate puppet, and then the world would stay on it’s track to Hell.

I think if the aforementioned downside could be eliminated that this could make an excellent system of government. I can’t picture anybody risking their life to maintain the status quo.

I’d much rather prefer a leader who risked his life to ply his ideals than one who just knows all the right people.

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Jackie Chan for World Dictator!

I like it.

It sounds like an old Warner Brothers cartoon…“Whatever YOU can do, Bruno can do better!” :slight_smile: