A guy named Pataki?

Suggested Onion Headline:

Nation Surprised to Learn that Pataki Didn’t Drop Out Months Ago

I suspect that the only reason that Pataki joined the race was because he thought he could wind up as the only viable moderate/establishment candidate (assuming Jeb Bush decided against running or fizzled), and could slip in as a consensus choice if all of the hard right candidates ate each other. Either that, or he was running for Vice President.

Well, as it turned out, Jeb actually ran (Pataki joined the race during the long period when Jeb appeared to be dithering), and though he certainly has fizzled, no substantial group of voters has shown any apparent interest in getting behind a non-Jeb moderate. No moneyed interests seem to be lining up for him, and he hasn’t made enough of a splash to put himself on any Veep lists.

I’m not sure why he stayed on this long, other than inertia.

Pataki announces surprise end of campaign in area Subway
Announcement received with surprise by employee who just wanted to know if he wanted avocados.

The next POTUS will not have a non-silent vowel at the end of his/her name. Obama was an anomaly. I don’t support this notion, but it certainly exists.

Someone should tell Marco.

Sad he dropped out, the GOP best chance of a moderate candidate.