A heartfelt message to the mailbox pipe-bomber

Just when the postal workers in the US were feeling more secure about going to work, that probably no more anthrax was going to turn up, you pull this bullshit idea of putting pipe bombs in rural mailboxes around the midwestern US. The authorities think that you’re doing it in long night-time drives, which makes it more likely that the next person to open that box is the letter carrier delivering mail. Since 4 letter carriers and 2 residents have already been injured, that’s been pretty much the case.

Whatever twisted sense of injustice or oppression or resentment is leading you to do this, I don’t fucking care. You are not injuring the real target of your hatred, and you’re terrorizing hard-working employees (and their customers) who just want to do their job well and not worry about deranged fucktards like yourself who decide to make some weighty “statement”. I read one of the notes you left, and an angst-filled teenager who just pulled an all-nighter reading the Cliff’s Notes on Nietzsche’s works could come up with a better manifesto, and running that through Babelfish a couple of times would leave it more readable than your mindless, simplistic tripe.

As for the teenager in Minnesota who decided to pull a copycat stunt, fuck you too. Braindead asshats who see something in the news or other media and think it’d be fun to scare the shit out of people with a fake one.

In closing, to the heartless, rat-fellating, inbred connoisseur of goat vomit who is planting these bombs, I’d find great pleasure in seeing one of these bombs misfire early and blow off the worthless, malfunctioning lump of flesh on top of your neck that serves as your head, except that you shouldn’t get off that easily. I hope that after you’re caught, your cellmate gets sick of the drivel you spew and decides to perform a transorbital pre-frontal lobotomy with a shiv made out of a bedspring. Maybe then you’ll experience some of the “no fear of death” that your sorry excuse for a note blithers on about, instead of only inspiring that fear in innocent folks who just want to deliver or receive mail.

What did this “d00d raeg against teh machene” moron say in his rant against America/government/Swiss cheese?

His explanation for planting the bombs was because (world) governments keep us afraid of death. He refers to his victims as “people I’ve dismissed from reality” and claims they’re not really dead at all. (Well, no, they’re not - his bombs haven’t killed anyone but he wouldn’t have known that when he wrote the letters.) He refers to dead people in other parts of the letter as “dismissed from reality” as well. Only by getting past our fear of death can we realize that this fear is used by governments to control us.

He then goes on to make other complaints about how we don’t have much freedom at all in the US, etc., and those are debatable points, one can admit. However, the blithering on about fear of death, “dismissed from reality”, and all that other nonsense shows he’s a raving mad, moronic fuckhead.

Here ya go, airdisc.

Isn’t it great when bombs go off prematurely and the bombers accidentally blow themselves up? It doesn’t happen nearly often enough, of course, but it gives me a warm cuddly feeling inside when it does.

I think we can all sincerely keep our fingers crossed that such happens in this case.

This guy is a moron. At least the Unabomer’s manifesto was interesting reading.

This nutjob needs a good shredding over a rusty cheese grater. And leave the Quad Cities alone, you bastard, they never did nothing to you!

This nutjob needs a good shredding over a rusty cheese grater. And leave the Quad Cities alone, you bastard, they never did nothing to you!

And he made me double post! the bastard!!!

Ummm, there is a reason they are calling this “Domestic Terrorism.”

Last time I checked, terrorists (be they Timothy McVeigh or the 9-11 attackers) have no agenda but to scare the living shit out of innocent people thereby bringing terror to the population as a whole. Generally they have a broad statement and go after those that have no idea what’s happening not the targets of their hatred.

Think about what you are saying. :rolleyes:

Hold on.

Why the hell are you rolling your eyes at her for? Denieses comments are perfectly valid.

If you pay attention to the part techchick tried to bold, the reply makes more sense.

Denise isn’t saying that The bomber should be bombing government buildings, nor that if he had his ideology would be more correct.

She is saying that the people injured by his actions do not deserve to be targeted.

Thank you Tars.
Even though we have to leave our mail boxes open in the rural areas things seem to be going smoothly.
What else to my children need to worry about in their youth? They aren’t supposed to have to be scared by anything more than possibly a school bully not teenage gun men.
They are supposed to look forward to getting cards on holidays and birthdays not bombs.

I just read the letter he/she put with the bombs. Methinks someone watched Fight Club too many times. And missed the part where Tyler Durden didn’t try to kill anyone.

Sad to say, but when I heard about this, I wasn’t in any way surprised. :frowning:

Lets just all hope he drops the next one while he is making it and blasts himself into buzzard bait.

I realize that’s the point of domestic terrorism. I don’t think that invalidates my being pissed at him for doing it, especially since my husband is a letter carrier for the USPS.

Thanks friedo. And that letter is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. I hope this guy leaves his fingerprints on his next bomb, and he ends up in prison contracting AIDS from a 12" black anally-inserted needle.

This just in from ww.cnn.com :

Looks like end-game.

Make that : www.cnn.com

Specific article.