A highly insignificant suggestion about a small but annoying problem

Not infrequently I open a thread only to find that pages are hung up before displaying by one of the Dope’s Advertising Partners.

The offender always seems to be adblade.com.

Whatever vital role they play in the life of this board, maybe they could be asked to accomplish it more quickly?

More information here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adblade

As a Charter Member the problem does not occur. If I were a guest, the use of Ad Blockers should be sufficient for the problem not to occur, either.

Even if Duckster is not a guest, the use of ad blockers should be sufficient. :wink:

Just now it took at least 20 seconds for a page to load on a thread because of Waiting For Adblade.

Yes, just download Adblock for free - problem solved.

They could probably fix it if they’d just add the async attribute to the script tag. That way the page would continue loading while adblade got its shit together.

Heck, I just Googled adblade async and it seems to be the recommended way to use adblade.