A hilarious ad for a serious product


Summary: this is an ad for a footstool that raises your feet so you can poop from a “squatting” position while sitting on a toilet. It’s pretty well documented that pooping in a squatting position is easier and better for your body.

This came to me as an ad before a YouTube video, with the usual “you can skip this ad in five seconds” button - but they did an absolutely brilliant job of catching my attention within that five-second window. By the time it was done, I was laughing so hard I was crying.

I may get this for my dad for Christmas. He has Parkinson disease, and one of the lesser known symptoms is reduced GI tract motility, which puts you at risk for constipation (which he has) and other issues (he’s been hospitalized twice in the past five years for small-bowel obstruction). Anything that helps make for easier “downloads” is likely to be a hit with him.

Now that I have detailed and graphic information about a rainbow Unicorn pooping, and wondering how the actor could not turn down a gig let alone keep a straight face while doing his lines…
I can die in peace now.

Thank you very much. :)

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So we now have two (2) threads here about the Squatty Potty thingie.

I am going post in the First World Problems thread about this.