A hint of Christianity in a Muslim World

A couple of days ago, a heavily bearded young man who works with my wife set us up with a new computer. This is now our home page .

I couldn’t help but notice the overall muslim architecture with numerous spires on the screen, yet with a tiny yet discreet Christian steeple off to the side.

Anyone know more about this image, including the author?

Click through on the Images link on that page, and you’ll find out more about the location - it’s on Kizhi Island, in Russia. The large piece of “Muslim” architecture is called the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior, with the smaller one being the Church of the Intercession, and the tiny chapel being The Bell Tower of the Kizhi Pogost. There’s an official link here. I wasn’t able to figure out the photographer on the images, however.

That’s Kizhi Pogost’. The whole thing is likely Christian.

There’s a link to it embedded right in the picture.

While onion domes are found in some islamic architecture, they are much more typically Russian Orthodox, as at St. Basil’s Cathedral at the Kremlin.

You can tell it’s Russian by heavy use of wood (what with the lots of trees and all) and onion domes (which are practical in areas of large snowfall). *
Clicking through some of those pics, that looks like a real neat place to visit indeed.

*Err, he sez only after everyone else has decided it’s Russian…

The picture must change by location - your link takes me to a picture of a Greek island!

It does – just clicking the link brings up a page with no background (I’m in Israel.) Clicking through to “Bing USA” gives me a background with a picture of a green meadow and some (landmark?) mountain or outcropping in the background.

Oh, it’s different now for me too. Maybe it changes daily or so.

Bing changes images on a daily basis. Your new home page, of course, is Bing.com, Microsoft’s search engine.

If you want to see the Russian image, just click on the left-arrow at the bottom-right of the picture. You can go through the last weeks (or so) worth of images this way. Occasionally, there will also be a link on the bottom-left: “Learn more about the home page image”.

Todays image is of the Oregon (US) coast.