A Hotmail© Question

Is it possible to create a hyperlink in a hotmail “signature”? I have tried but the link won’t turn blue as it should. Is it me or is it MS? I tried putting the html around the URL itself to no avail. Thanks for any assistance.


When you create the autosig, it may not appear to be blue hyperlinked text from that page within Hotmail, but when someone else reads it, they should see the hyperlinked text, depending on what Email program they’re using to read it.

Well, I sent it to myself at another hotmail address and it didn’t appear as a hyperlink, so there is definitely a problem somwhere…


Hotmail doesn’t allow html. It has a special button to make links.

When you post, use “rich text format” and click on the icon to the left of the paint pot. It’s supposed to be a picture of the world with links of a chain in front of it. (How obscure can they get? Icons are supposed to remind you of things, not make things to puzzle over.)

Kaloff: thanks very much for the help. Yep, that works. Although I think I could have achieved the same thing by just copying and pasting from Address field. Would have been sooo much easier if I could have just entered it into the sig box and then just clicked “add signature”. But noooooo!:rolleyes:

Anyway, thank you!


I just tried html in the sig and it worked ok.

This is what I used, just to test it.

<A href=“http://abc.com/”>http://abc.com</A>

Notice the URL appears twice. If you want words, it would look like this:
<A href=“http://abc.com/”>ABC TV’s Home Page</A>

That worked great. Thanks very much for your help! I used lower case a’s at the begiining and end. When I inserted the upper case A’s, that did the trick. 'Preciate it!