A Kickstarter question

I’ve backed projects on Kickstarter in the past but they’ve mostly been American projects. I’m planning on backing a Canadian project which includes a “reward” of some books. This means there’s a shipping cost that’s separate from my pledge.

How do I note that shipping cost? The pledge is sixty dollars (Canadian) and the shipping cost for the reward is six dollars. Do I just pledge sixty-six dollars? Or do I just pledge sixty dollars and add the other six dollars in at some later point?

There’s several different ways you can go about doing it, and usually the Kickstarter runner will have a preference.
Just using Kickstarter: You want the $60 reward tier, you pledge $66, and click in the pledge box for the $60 placeholder. That leaves you with your $6 shipping just hanging out. They can tell how much you pledged, and what tier you ended up on, so they’ll know you paid for your shipping already.

Using Kickstarter and a 3rd-Party “Pledge Manager” like Backerkit: This is for projects that let you add on “extras” like magnets or cards or whatevers. Because you could have wanted that extra $6 to get you a magnet in addition to your reward tier, you have to earmark what the extra is for. So, you either pony up $60 for the reward tier that you want and add shipping later on the Backerkit interface, or you put all $66 down at once and then later, you mark that the “extra” $6 is for shipping on the Backerkit interface.

Using Paypal or another money exchange: You pledge $60 for the reward you want, and then add the shipping afterwards on a totally separate payment entity as a Paypal or credit card charge to the company/people running the Kickstarter.

I prefer options 1 or 2, but I’ve seen all three done professionally.

Note that if the project creators want you to do either 2 or 3, they should have noted this in the project. If they have NOT, then pledge the reward and the shipping cost together on Kickstarter.