A Legal MP3 Site That Takes Paypal

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I recently found http://amiestreet.com/ and I was very pleased to discover that they take Paypal and don’t require a credit card to set up an account. I have found a lot of songs by the more obscure groups that I like at great prices. Unfortunately, they don’t have any of my more popular choices. Is there a reputable site that will let me get what I need with Paypal without asking for a credit card first?

7digital.com takes paypal. UK centric though so unsure about international trades.

Emusic takes paypal, that is who I have set up to do my payment through right now.

I like them, I pay a flat sum per month and get 75 music and 1 ebook download a month. Every now and then they toss me an extra 10 or 25 or 50 downloads for various things like birthday and christmas.

Today I downloaded some ramones, and led zep 3, and some greig and surfed through some electronica that i decided to get next month instead. Bookwise, I downloaded one for the money by janet evanovich. Unlike itunes, it is not drm locked. I port it into itunes, as that is how my ipod is set up, but you can use any program on your computer to listen to the downloads.

Unless I’m mistaken, iTunes has been DRM-free since mid-2009.

Well, I am not a fan of DRM, so I was avoiding Itunes =)

I have been quite happy with emusic, 75 songs a month and an ebook make me happy and is a reasonable addition to our entertainment budget without getting all that expensive.

I have used the site sell your songs online to sell my own media online. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I have found it to be helpful. You can legally sell ebooks and music.

Thanks, I’ll give some of these a try. :slight_smile:

Amazon.com. They are rising to be iTunes main competitor, and puts their music in standard MP3 format.

Because, you know, AAC is so non-standard. :rolleyes:

News to me that Amazon takes Paypal, too.