A letter to the President...

Dear Mr. President,

Please ignore all the idiotic comments about “stealing” the election.
Also ignore the pointless haranguing about your pronuncication.
Be resolute in the face of betrayal by our allies.
Continue to resurrect a foreign policy which was allowed to atrophy by your predecessor. It seems you are to be held to higher standard than he.
Continue in your efforts to spark the economy.
It wasn’t your fault that:
the internet boom collapsed about the time of your election;
terrorists attacked us for the first time on your watch;
The sins of Enron and their ilk throughout the '90s came to light, further downspiraling the economy.

Continue in your efforts to turn this negative crap around and get things back on track.

Even though Canadians seem to get their nickers in a twist, because you never thank or even mention them… Thank you, I’m certain they wouldn’t want to be associated with you after all.

And keep your damn dog off my lawn.

Thanks for the pay rise.

(Or did you mean the President of the US?)

If you could give me some indication that anyone in that big ol’ house of yours read the letter I sent you, rather than just saying “thanks for your interest in the president and his administration,” that would be nice. I did, after all, mean for you to read it. However, I think at this point I’d take a response from pretty much anyone in there. Maybe Jenna or someone could get extra credit in English class for addressing some of its points, I dunno.

Grr. That was, quite obviously, me. B is at work right now and, I think it safe to say, not posting on the boards.

I was wonderin’ !!!

You need to quit cross-dressin’, or Esprix is gonna catch you out !!