A list of Things -- or, I'm really weird, aren't I? -- or, scenes from a High School.

So, I’ve got some Things. Some may call me neurotic. Many call me a “stupid young ignorant flaming socialist”, and many are right. Some call me weird. A very few have called me dedicated, determined, strong-willed, or something of that sort. I’m thinking that they may not be as right as the others.

Thing One: [not] Standing up for my morals sucks. I don’t say the Pledge of Allegiance. In my opinion, it’s stupid and useless. Sometime last year, I discovered that it is, in fact, New Jersey state law that it must be said in public schools and if a student chooses not to say it, they must stand quietly at attention while it’s being said. Hrm, I say to myself. I haven’t stood for it since seventh grade, why start now? So I don’t. People inevitably notice this; I dread having substitutes in homeroom. By the time they notice I’m not standing, tell me to stand, and I refuse, it’s over (other than one incident in an assembly last year which involved an…interesting teacher, and we shan’t speak of that now.) And I decided I’m tired of being the only one not standing. I hate standing out, but I have no desire to compromise my position.

Thing Two: I’m tired of being in the clubs that everyone else laughs at. Community service, newspaper, eco club, science club, and the gay-straight alliance. These are the things that are important to me. Alas, they’re notably not important to most of the 1600 other students in my school. Should I drop GSA and join stage crew instead?

Thing Three: To clarify: Yes, I have drank. Yes, I have smoked pot. Yes, I have chosen to swear these things (any psychoactive substance, actually) off. For good. No, it’s not due to religion. Yes, I realize that I’m still quite young. No, I don’t think my mind is going to change about this. It’s a choice I’ve made, I intend to stick to it. No, I won’t tell you my reasons, because they are personal, none of your damn business.

Thing Four: Please do not chew my hat. You’re a very dear friend of mine but I crocheted that hat myself in Kentucky. Don’t chew on it. Thank you.

Thing Five: Yes, I am listening to Vivaldi. Yes, the dead Italian composer. Yes, I like it. Yes, I play violin, yes, I have played since I was four. No, I’m not that good, because it’s a hobby, not my life-long dedication.

Thing Six: Tennis is not an impact sport. Really. No, I don’t think it is. Um…I train in tae kwon do. Much time spent in the air. Tennis is not bad for my knees. Spending two hours a night jumping is.

Thing Six: If I ever drop my biology textbook (which is extrordinarily heavy) on my toe again, I’m dropping the course.

Thing Seven: You’re an awesome guidance counselor. Please don’t laugh when I take you’re inquiry as to how my day has been as a true question.

Thing Eight: Yes, I’m a black belt. Yes, a real black belt. Tae kwon do. No, I will not fight you. I don’t know if I will beat you; TKD is not the most practical of martial arts, I don’t know if you’re trained, and I have never seen you fight. No, I’m not going to beat you up if you say something I don’t like.

Thing Nine: Very observant. I am wearing my glasses today. Why? I didn’t feel like putting my contacts in. Please stop asking me if I’m feeling unwell. Spectacles appearing on my face (where they have been for most of the past ten years) is not a symptom of disease.

Thing Ten: What history quiz?

Thing Eleven: The blood drive is October 27. Layout needs to be finished on the 26th. No, I cannot get the article about the blood drive finished the day before the event. I’m sorry. Yes, you are a silly freshman and I am a big senior (shut up, I know I’m six inches shorter than you), but I am not God.

Thing Twelve: Mmmmm…panzarrotti. I love the Italian Club.

Thing Thirteen: Nice day out today. But alas, I must continue in my studies.

Thing Fourteen: No, I’m not dating that guy from karate anymore. We broke up during the summer. Yes, I’m still friends with him, I just don’t want to be in a relationship right now. Um - No, I’m not getting back together with him. I’m sorry, what? No…no, “Will you go out with me” is not really an appropriate comment for you to make here.

Note: These aren’t all from today. Some are. All are from this past week. I, apparently (according to my biology teacher, upon seeing my mad dash down the hall to get to class on time), thrive on chaos and would shrivel up and die in an orderly environment. Good thing my school is the way it is.

Very entertaining. Thank you.

I do not miss highschool at all.

Oh, and stick with the GSA, and get on stage crew as well. They kind of go hand-in-hand, don’t they?