A Listed actors whose careers are fading

I can name a few

Mel Gibson

Tom Cruise

Russell Crowe

Nicholas Cage

I could think of a few more, but they’re not coming to my head right now, but I think these people (obviously Gibson and Cruise) are becoming lower class actors. Crowe peaked with a beautiful mind and it’s gone downhill since there. so what actors do you think are becoming past their prime?

Lindsay Lohan has the distinction of being a has-been at 24. She’s gone from being one of Hollywood’s most promising young talents, to starring in straight-to-DVD flicks. There’s some talk of her being in the new Superman movie, but I have my doubts about whether she can get her act together long enough to make that a reality.

I was going to say Sly Stallone, but his career’s been on the wane since at least the late 80s. He did make something of a comeback with “The Expendables,” but the success of that movie can probably be attributed as much to all the stars he packed into it as it can to him.

Ewan McGregor

Really? What makes you say that?

John Travolta.

Most of the actors I grew up watching from the 80s and 90s seem to be waning. These days it’s all about Seth Rogen, Shia LeBeouf, and Christian Bale, or Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Scarlett Johansson.

I don’t hear much about Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Hugh Jackman, or Brad Pitt anymore.

If she can stay out of jail, is more like it. She’s been charged with felony grand theft over that piece of jewelry she shop-lifted.

Prior to “The Expendables”, Stallone had pretty decent hits with “Rocky Balboa” and “Rambo” - all three films returned at least triple their budget, and he carried them completely.

I’d say he’s done better in the past few years rehashing his ouvre than he did making original films during the 90s.

Yeah, she hasn’t won an Oscar for what, 11 months now?

Jennifer Aniston.

She can still carry a film to profitability, but she hasn’t had a blockbuster in a long time. She was second billed to Adam Sandler on her current film, which ended in a virtual tie with a Justin Bieber film that opened at the same time.

She’s getting paid A list money for B and C list returns. That won’t last much longer.


The last Ewan McGregor movie that made over $50 million (and that wasn’t an already well-known property like “Star Wars” or Dan Brown books) was Robots, which didn’t even show his face.

Last Ewan McGregor movie that made over $50 million (and that wasn’t an already well-known property like “Star Wars” or Dan Brown books) which did show his face was…

Eight years ago with the film Big Fish (2003).

While Gibson’s fallen so low he got kicked off a movie by Zack Galifiniackis (who is currently hot but I don’t think has staying power) and his stock has fallen really low I think I’d still hold onto it. He’s got the money to fund his own projects and between one really good vehicle and some (admittedly massive) PR he could possibly be back.

Not sure if Woody Harrelson is A-List or not but Zombieland was his first big hit in years and years. I’m surprised they haven’t released he sequel yet.
Ditto Whoopi Goldberg- she’s got an Oscar and has some major hits but they’re way behind her; she can’t open a movie.

Orlando Bloom is another - in films in which he is the lead star, his Box Office grosses are horrible unless, again, he is in a property with a pre-established fanbase.


And the king of them all:

Kevin Costner

Like that means anything really.

I wouldn’t call Bloom an A-lister. He’s luck to get a B minus. He lucked into the LOTR franchise, and PotC was type-casting and carried by Depp and the villians, not Bloom. Harrelson also was never an A-lister.

Nicholas Cage had A-list dreams, and tried hard to make it, but IMO never really pulled it off. Cruise doesn’t pick good vehicles for himself; if I had to guess, I would say the money to get Cruise assures an over-produced mess with too many overseers. Crowe, I think, let the fame get to his head. Gibson is just a mockery of himself. That said, it’s hard to remain an A-list, box office draw for 3+ decades. As for Hanks, he’s in his mid-50s and richer than God. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just doesn’t want to work as hard as he did before.

Michael Douglas. His latest effort was a rehash, and he pretty much has bottomed out.

I was going to say that Harrison Ford is getting a little long in the tooth to be the action hero he usually plays, and besides the latest Indiana Jones movie, has he had any hits recently?

Harrison Ford may bounce back somewhat with the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens.

I think Edward Norton might belong on this list.

I remember when Norton was the hottest and hippest actor. People were calling him the next Robert De Niro. But I think after Fight Club his career really started to go downhill steadily. I remember when I saw The Hulk, which I really thought was a total uninspired and forgettable piece of shit, that Norton was starting to phone it in.

And now? His latest movie, Stone, was a total bomb. Came and went without anyone knowing or caring.