A little advice from a depressed gal

Friends, Romans, mothers, husbands, family, countrymen:

When a woman you know, let’s call her jarbaby, hits the Berlin Wall of mood swings for some unknown reason…think for a second before you ask her:

Well, did you take your medication?

Yes. I fucking took my medication. I take it every day. It keeps me from locking myself in the house and crying at The Price Is Right. I took it this morning, like I did yesterday, like I will tomorrow. I am a Celexa Cyborg.

And you know, I thought we covered this: the medication, contrary to how much I wish it were true, does not make me perfect again. It does not make me the old jarbaby of 1999/2000. I thought that it would. I thought it was working in a lovely fashion. We’ve been having a fun Fall thanks to Pharmaceuticals.

But kids, today, I’m sorry to say, it did not work. The even keel became a nose dive into the Marianna Trench. I hate this day, I hate my job, my coworkers. I screwed something up big time that I don’t know if it can be fixed, I skipped going to the gym because I’m big fat lazy slob, and I’m depressed.

yes, even with my medication I’m depressed. And all I wanted was a word of encouragement or assurance.

Not you fucking asking me if I’ve been a good girl and swallowed the happy pill.



**jarbabyj **, hope you’re feeling better after your rant. You’ve got lots of company, you know.

BTW, my wife also calls them “happy pills” in private.

Although I don’t know you, I’m sitting here at my desk thinking of you and hoping your mood will swing to the positive soon.


jarbaby, I made a big ass pot of chili this last weekend. So if a good case of gas will make you feel any better (I know it works for me), you’re welcome to a couple of quarts if you want to pick it up in South Bend this weekend.

Regardless, being patronized sucks. And while those who are doing the patronizing seem to think they have your concerns in mind, they’re just being idiots.

I think the mistake is in thinking that just because a person is on anti-depressents, they can’t be depressed.


Anyone who thinks the Marquis de Sade is severely misunderstood can’t be all bad.

Hang in there. You’ll be fine.

Maybe if your theatre company produced Marat/Sade you would feel better. It works for me. :smiley:

Maybe I just need some big, sweaty German to come over and whip me back to my senses.

Or a bag of Sour skittles.

Either way, I’ll end up a little better. :slight_smile:


How about a big, sweaty American of German extraction?

Oh, shoot. I thought you were doing the whipping. Dammit.

I know you feel, a little, jarbaby.

After some delay (because, get this, I was too upset over my breakup to think about it!) I have a consultation with a psychiatrist coming up to see if meds might be in order for me. I don’t have a problem with medication. I don’t want to feel like this anymore.


A couple weeks ago, when I was having a particularly bad day and was very upset about my ex, and vented to a friend about how angry and hurt and bitter I was, she said: “You’re overreacting. You should seriously consider medication.” That’s a slight paraphrase, but only slight-- I’m editing out words like “abnormal,” “unnatural,” and “You could lose friends over this.”

My point being similar to yours, I think. Yeah, I’m depressed and need some help on that, but hey, let’s see what happens if you break up with your boy and you cry about it and call him some names in private and I suggest you’re out of control and need some pills to fix that. That’ll go over REAL well, I’m sure.

I’ve seen no big sweaty Germans lately, but I did eat an entire pound of M&Ms (plain) over the weekend.

Well, THIS big, sweaty American of German extraction would be HAPPY to whip you. Gently, even tenderly.

OOOOPS! I’m not supposed to talk like that, am I?

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to explain that “They are NOT ‘Happy Pills!’”

But doesn’t it cheer you up a lot to continually here “Ramstein” (as in the airbase) in the news all the time?

I seriously do sometimes forget to take my Celexa and I swear I can tell the next day. But then I don’t need someone to ask me if I took it–I can TELL.

I like Prozac’s long half-life, but I can feel it by the next afternoon if I forget it the night before, like last night. I shouldn’t feel it for a couple days, theoretically.

The phrase “Happy Pills” tends to really piss me off.

They do not make you happy, as we all know.

It kept me from getting overly angry, but they by no means stop all manners of sadness, or any other personality trait the general public doesn’t like.

What’s even worse are those who don’t understand that Depression is a disease and you can’t just “snap out of it”.

It absolutely INFURIATES me how anyone with depression is treated. Like we WANT to be unhappy!!


That shit is almost as annoying as asking ‘What’s wrong? You on the rag again?’

Fucking insensitive lumps of fatty refuse.

(sidetrack: If going to the gym isn’t going to make me feel good, I skip it. So who cares, right?)

:smiley: I think I have a crush on jarbabyj. She is soo much better at insults than yours truly.


And you know what? When I confirm snappily that yes, i took my medication, I’m just having a bad day…don’t follow up with:

Is it PMS?

perhaps it is. perhaps it’s a brain aneurysm, perhaps its anthrax or ebola. The point is I’M DEPRESSED.

jesus christ.

And yes Cranky, the ramstein airbase and my Lance Bass doll is all that’s keeping me going at this point. I’m trying to follow the “What Would Till Do” mantra, but that would require a bottle of Jack Daniels, a pack of Marlboro Reds and a straw haired groupie fucking me blind.

So I guess I’ll just go sit in the corner and consider my despair.


Amen, jarbaby… It irritates the hell out of me when folks find out that I’m taking Paxil, and the keep blaming every non-zippedeedodah moment I have on “Did ya take your pills?”

I finally explained it to my husband like this:
The Paxil does not make you any less of an asshole, it just makes it bother me less…


I had a severe case of depression about a year ago now. I will do anything to not be on medication. I firmly believe that there are natural methods to cure almost anything.

Anyway, what I started doing to drag myself out of the depths of the severe despair, was forcing myself to exercise every day. If your schedule does not allow for every day, then as often as possible. Exercise is one of those things that humans have been getting for thousands of years… every day. Just in recent years have we had to force ourselves to sit around for 9 hours a day in an office and then go home exhausted and not have the energy to exercise! It’s sad, really.

Well, anyway, take my suggestion for what it’s worth, but I always feel a LOT better when I get back from wearing myself out. Play basketball, volleyball… or preferably something competitive. You have to use your mind, your body, and hopefully your competitive spirit… I hope this helps others like it has helped me. :slight_smile:


PS - I am a 25 year old male.

I discovered this morning that I’m out of hair conditioner, so I’m quite possibly straw-haired. If I buy you a bottle of JD and bring you a plate of M&M cookies, can I be first in line to fuck you blind? Please? I’m sure I’ve got some German in my ancestry somehere.

Don’t dispair. Use your old lipsticks to draw targets on your tormenters.

thanks all. I may just go over to Devil’s Grandmother’s house for some groupie fun.

Big Perm: I tried dragging myself out of this depression for six months, and it just got worse and worse. I guess I didn’t have to willpower to snap out of it. And frankly the medication helps A LOT. Today was just a down day. Whether it’s all in my mind that the medication helps or it really does…I don’t care. I mean, I guess it’s the easy way out…but it’s worked for me.


Oh good christ.

This is just insensitive. I have a similar thing, but with happier results. I think I have finally managed to balance my life. I’m not blind and blissful, but I feel…content, secure. It was crowing about this and one fo my friends tried to bring me down and remind me what I whiner I am (and I am).

Little things still annoy me. Yes, I love my life. Yes, I’m happy. No, that doesn’t take away my God given right to bitch about pulling an all nighter or having to go to work when I’d rather drink hot coco in bed. They do not cancel each other out.

And if I could ship you a German guy, I would.

Upon preview: “Didn’t have the willpower?” “easy way out” Snap out of that. Depression is a chemical imbalance. Tell a diabetic to will themselves some insulin. You are taking care of yourself. You still have the rights to down days, willpower, and self respect. Snagging some medical help for a medical problem doesn’t demean you.

You also have the right to up days, I’ll will you some of those myself.

… or you could watch Total Recall for the construction-site scenes where Arnold’s using a jackhammer…