A Little Advice to Anyone Who Contributes to a Police Report

Write it down yourself! Make a record of it at home!

About 4 years ago I was witness to a traffic accident wherein a woman was struck by a car coming off an intersection. I was the only “independent” witness among about 10 people interviewed by the police officer who arrived on the scene. He took information from everyone, and later used only a quote which he attributed to me.

Now, four years later, I get a call from an attorney in one of our offices in the northern part of the state. Apparently, the case is still ongoing, and I’m the key witness. However, I can’t remember a thing. Some suspect the officer of fabricating my quote, or at the very least, misattributing someone else’s quote to me.

So my advice for anyone who has to contribute to a police report is to make sure you have a written copy of your recollection of the events, written as soon as possible afterwards. It was so long ago, I can’t remember the important details, and it really upsets me that I can’t pull through on this.

Don’t let it upset you. You have no control over your ability to recall the details of an accident to which you were not a party that happened four years ago. If it was so important that your testimony be recorded independent of the police report, someone involved directly in the case should have contacted you before now.

call me paraniod, but whenever my name is on government papers, I like to get a copy, just for light reading.

That was my experience when I witnessed an accident. An insurance agent for the not at fault party called me and did a taped recording of my testimony (with my consent, of course).