A little fix for us LOST fans (Spoilers)

I went over to the official ABC Lost website today, and saw that there was a new orientation video posted. It’s for the Orchid station, and it is veeery interesting.
I don’t know if I can wait until season 4.


What did that message say that flashed on the screen? I thought I saw, “loved” and “Jacob” on the screen.

They debuted it at Comic-Con. The panel discussion is podcast. Or you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efGycb2GIVg&mode=related&search=

here’s a transcript from Lostpedia:
[A cue card with a DHARMA logo is held up as indistinct mutterings are heard. The film jerks and clarifies to show Marvin Candle. A woman is applying make-up to his face.]

The Orchid | Lostpedia | Fandom

Couldn’t get it to load.

Is it the one with the time traveling rabbit because we’ve already seen that one a while ago. Or is it a different one?

Lost isn’t fixin’ to start up again is it? I don’t know if I’m ready to devote that much time to the TV again so soon.

Are we sure it’s time travel? Not just some kind of duplication?


I’m not so sure given this statement.

The Casimir Effect (and wormholes) [wikipedia]

While we’re not 100% sure it’s time travel, given the history of Desmond I think that it’s highly likely that this is time travel.

If it’s time travel, I propose we time travel Michael back to before he shot Libby, shall we?

Yeah, it is that one. I didn’t know it had been discussed before. :frowning: Oh well, I’m still excited about it.

And before that, where he dies in the pilot.

I was thinking more “parallel universes,” because I didn’t hear the part about the “Casimir Effect” or think it was a real thing and not Dharmababble. Suppose the electromagnetic anomaly opened up a doorway between parallel universes?

It would explain a lot. In the universe Naomi is from, Oceanic Flight 803 crashed in the ocean with no survivors. In the one Jack went back to, he ends up a tortured suicidal substance-abuser. Desmond’s visions are flashbacks/flashforwards of memories from a different Desmond in a different universe. And if living things (like, for example, rabbits with the number 15 on their sides) from different ones were in the same place at the same time, bad things would result.

But that’s just me…



It’s a wish and a whoosh.

Yep. Can’t stand that character.