A little math problem w/ a silly answer

OK, this started out as a little cutsie joke I had with my girlfriend, but I started getting into it and eventually took it to this level of complexity for no reason whatsoever. Then, by the time I had written this, my girlfriend knew the answer from precious versions and I didn’t want it to go to waste; so I sent it to a couple of friends. And while I’m at it, I might as well put it on here to see if anyone cares.

So lets see you all go to work. Remember, the answer/punchline is extremely silly (I’m talkin 7 or 8 year old silly).

note: reject all non-whole number solutions.

4 3 2
4x x 6x x
___ - ___ + ___ + ___ - 62 = 20
4 3 2
she she she she


I just realized that this did not show up even close to the way I had intended it to look. I’ll try again:
4 3 2
4x x 6x x
___ - ___ + ___ + ___ - 62 = 20
4 3 2
she she she she

What a bummer. The system keeps taking all the spaces out of my post. Anyone know how I can remedy this.

Try surrounding your problem with “CODE” markers using vB code. Something like this:


Now   is   the   time
for   all  good  men


except replace the curly braces with brackets.

** 4 * * *3 **** 2
*4x * * x **** 6x *** x
*___ - ___ + ___ + ___ - 62 = 20
****4 **** 3 ****** 2
*she * she * she * she
Well here is another attempt. Ignore the *'s if possible.
For clarification: the top line and 4th line are exponents.

Anyway, this started out as a fun thing and now I think I’m becoming obsessive so I’d better get ouuta here.

Hey Pluto, that’s great! Could you explain a little bit further? I’m new to this vB code.

What exactly do I type to get a space? How about 2 or 3 spaces. Do I type the code word for each individual space?

Code    is  great       cause
                   it keeps
   whatever formatting
     you                 put   in it.

i.e. you don't need special "space" tags, just stick whatever between the code tags and it shows up that way.

Evidentally it doesn’t wrap words either. My apologies for the ultra-wide post. :frowning:

Shadenwawa: Gaaahhhhh!

Kenny: To see how someone did something, you can click on the “quote” button at the bottom of their post, and it will show exactly what they typed in. You don’t have to actually post a reply, you can just hit the “back” button to go back to the thread. I do this all the time to learn neat tricks.

Kenny you will have to tell me if this is the spacing you
meant or not. I converted all your asterisks to spaces.

   4      3      2
 4x     x      6x     x
 ___ - ___ + ___ + ___ - 62 = 20
    4      3        2
 she   she   she   she

Does it come out to Shit shit shit shit?

Iswote: Thank you, that’s exactly it.

and Surgo: no

                   4      3     2
                  4x     x    6x     x
                  ___ - ___ + ___ + ___ - 62 = 20
                    4     3     2
                  she   she   she   she

WOW!! Geobabe, thank you. What a great thing to know. See, I came here to put a silly math joke up on the board and ended up learning something new. Whatta day!

I’m confused. Is the 4x, x, 6x, and x supposed to be the numerators? And what about the numbers above these?

Ok Kenny…
As I read it, its:
Four times X to the fourth power over “she” to the fourth power
X cubed over “she” cubed
six X squared over “she” squared
X over “she”
minus 62 equals 20.

Am I reading this right?

Please God, make it stop!


That’s exactly right.

Now, who’s got an answer? I’ll give it till Fri.
But, just a warning: the punchline is going to be very dissappointing.

I used to good at solving these equations with 2 variables but those days appear to be gone since I can’t even get cracking at it and since Kenny says the answer is just a silly punchline anyway I am going to giveup and wait for the answer on Friday.