A little ray of sunshine..

I would be interested to know what things people do (or have done) to anonymously brighten a fellow citizen of the worlds day.

The story is this…

A few years ago now I was working a terrible job as a warehouse rat., stinking hot conditions and bad pay, the horror.

Part of my work entailed packing very large cardboard cartons with a million and one bits of of very small inventory. It was tedious and time consuming, as you had to check it all as you packed it.

I knew well from experience that there would be some poor fella at the other end who had to do this process as well, but in reverse.

Boring. And a little bit miserable.

I started putting 5 Bucks in envelopes into Random Cartons… on the reasoning that it would have given me a smile if I were “the other fella”.

The other workers thought I was nuts, but it made me happy.

Anyone got anything similar?

That reminds me of the movie Seducing Dr. Lewis(La Grande Seduction) where a small Canadian island village is trying to convince a big-city doctor to move to the village so that a factory will locate there. In order to convince the doctor of how much he loves the village, the locals scheme to make his visit as perfect as they can. One of the locals keeps leaving money on the path where he knows the doctor will be walking because the local says that everybody loves finding money!

I know a local restaurant chain where the managers will tuck a $20 bill in the back of a cabinet so that if the staff is cleaning extra well, they will find it and then get to keep it.