A Little Touch of Harry in the Night!

Prince Harry is scheduled to deploy to Iraq in 2007 as a subaltern.

Good for him! I just wish I was young enough. Nothing finer for a young person of privilege than volunteer for the colors (or colours, as the case might be). Shows what he is made of.
No word of the Bush Twins.

Am I the only one with “Mambo Number Five” in my head?

Was that the right link? All I saw was Gerald Ford stuff. And some Saddam.

Oh, okay. That makes more sense now; I thought Harry was failing to age gracefully or something.

Gosh darn it! I just read the darn story!

Here is one from April, http://www.nysun.com/article/31489

I had no idea it was an old story. Sorry. Still good for him.

OK, here it is:

Need more coffee…

I first read that as where “… insurgents, drugs and monkeys are smuggled…”

That’s OK, so do I. I got “mon(k)eys” OK, but I read the earlier phrase as “Renaissance fornication”! :smack: