A long way to get to a point, then, What's there to do around here?

I was gonna start a “Rue DeDay Focus Group” thread. Try to bring you the finest in the Rue Expreience. But that would be pretty pointless. I’d get two responces…
A) Rue who?
2. Enough with the parenthetical asides, already. (It truely is my hope to be the Parenthetical King)

Then I’d thought about a “Who is your favorite poster?” poll. This mutated into “Is there a poster who you click on their threads just because it’s them?” See, I’ll check out Scylla, Fenris, Jester and Jarbaby (jarbabyj, you should get your screen name fixed. At least to “jarbaby” with no extra “j”)(I don’t care if YOUR name is meaningful to YOU, you should change it to accomodate me.)(Ha! Kidding!) even if their thread title sounds a little weak. But really, who cares? Ya read what ya read.

This led me to “Where’s SexyWriter?” We sure could use a dose of her patented Sexy Double Entendre and Innuendo. But once again, ehhh… She’ll be around when she gets around. (Unless she had another run-in with her landlord. Maybe “Crazy Lady from Hell” tied our fair Sexy to her oil drum in the basement.)

Maybe a “What’s your favorite candy as a child and now?” thread. But really, how much gushing over Pop Rocks can you stand? (Brach’s Rocks were pretty good too, but that’s beside the point.)

Where is all this going, you ask? Siddown an’ shaddup, I’m getting there…

See, I get these ideas spinning around in my brain and it’s like a sparrow in a barn. It’s as happy as a happy thing, but it doesn’t do any good just flitting around endlessly in this big ol’ barn. Ya gotta let it out. Don’t want these sparrow-ideas to poop on my metaphorical mental tractor. Don’t-cher-know.

So where’s this going? Well I just purged my brain, and here’s the mess that’s left.

So here’s the whole point of this post
What is there to do around where you live this Summer? (See, if the post should go somewhere, maybe I should too.)

Ya got the Biggest Ball Of Twine?
The World’s Largest Concrete Chicken?
Baby Ghurkin Festival?

Or if you want to address any of the above Brain Jetsom, feel free. (What am I gonna do? Hunt you down and shoot rubber bands at you?)
(sigh) Not as good as a Jack Chick parody, but that’s what you get when the Message Board will let anyone join.

Y’know, if I mis-quoted Monty Python, or just attributed a proper quote to Tracy Chapman instead of John Cleese, then this thread would get some attention.

After 40+ views I figured someone would say something. Even a simple “WTF?”

An egregious misspelling or typo in the title might have helped too.

I have learned my lesson: Rue should NOT start threads. (Of course I’ll conveniently forget this valuable lesson soon.)

If anyone else has any lint lining the pockets of your brain, stick it here. It will humor me. But be quick, you only have 24 hours before this (lame-assed) thread is dead, and buried forever.

Rue, I take pity on your plight.

Here in Atlanta, you can…

go to a Braves game
go to Stone Mountain
or Six Flags
go to the N. Ga Mountains and commune with the beautful scenery
See how long it takes you to complete the I-285 circuit
See the historical sites in Savannah
See the butterflys at Callaway Garden
Water ski (assuming of course, that there is enough water)
Go to White Water
Take in a concert at Piedmont Park
Visit the Atlanta Zoo
Visit the Cyclorama
See how many hookers you can spot in Downtown
Explore the wonderful world of the Virginia Highlands Area
Go nightclubbing in Buckhead
Visit the High Museum of Art
Count the number of Peachtree Streets we have
Come to my house, cut the grass and shuttle the middle child back and forth to summer school, shuttle the oldest back and forth to work, stay home and listen the the youngest whine because there is nothing to do.

Just some suggestions

Here in the burbs of DC, all I know for sure is that I’ll be attempting to play softball every Tues. night at the Ellipse and that on June 2 I’ll be doing Race for the Cure, a benefit walk/race/mosey thingy. :slight_smile:

Hey, there’s an idea, Rue! Make this a “What I Plan To Do This Summer” thread - people always have Big Plans, like vacations or even get-togethers.

Oh, forgot one. Got a little reunion of sorts with The Guys scheduled for July 7.

(This sounds almost like a plug, as if you were on a radio show and telling the hosts - and the audience - where your next appearances would be. “Tomorrow night at 6pm I’ll be opening the Hardee’s on Williams Street…”)

One of my favorite things about Jacksonville is the zoo - it’s been undergoing a major remodel/upgrade over the last 8 years or so and the results are wonderful!! We’re members and I just love wandering around there.

The only other thing worth doing here is going out on our boat. But that’s not available to the general public - yet. As soon an my FairyChatSweetie gets his captain’s license, we’re going into business… at least that’s the plan…

But since most of Florida is in severe drought and water is at a premium, please don’t come visit here till we recover. Or if you do come, bring water.

Thank you.

Note to self: Be pathetic and people will respond.

I feel so validated.

FairyChatMom,the Jacksonville Zoo is a reciprocal zoo with the Cincinnati Zoo. If you bring your membership from there to here, you can get in free here too. Actually there’s a whole wad of zoos with the reciprocity thing goin’ on. Including the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem.

First of all…yes. I’m a loser.

In a fit of boredom I did a search on my own name to find this thread. Feel free to flog me.

Anyway. I added the j to jarbaby because I hear there’s a band in Australia called jarbaby and I don’t want them thinking that I’m “a fan” or whathaveyou, or better yet, suing me for using their name in a questionable context. I’ve sworn my allegiance to one band and with that band I will stay.

but you can call me jarbaby. Or you can call me what my friends call me: steak.

Does this mean they like to eat you?

DAN! My jaw is on the floor, you little minx!

they call me steak because I…love steak. And I’m a bit of a rough and tumble sort of gal. And I’ve always said that when I get to be in the mafia that Steak will be my ‘street name’


Well, I guess that forestalls any “I got yer BBQ sauce right HERE” comments I had not yet typed…

Also, I dunno how much street cred you’d have with a name like “Steak.” I mean, can you imagine if we all were called by what we like to eat? The mind reels! You’d have “Beans” McMurphy, “Scones” Tomkins, “Buttered Biscuits” Bishop, and “Rutabega” Runyon. Not to mention the more raunchy names. But I digress!

I noticed you said “when” you join the mafia, not “when” they decide to take ya! :smiley:

(I guess Rue is wondering now when exactly he lost control of this thread… )

Ack! I thought this patheticallity was safely dead. DEAD I say!
Then I find jarbaby and dantheman (non-capitalized names both, grrrr.) turn it into a flirt-fest.
AND they don’t tell me what’s doin’ in their neck of the woods. Although, with jarbabe (or “Steak”) it’s probably just as well.