A lot more free time than I planned...

Two of my three classes today have been cancelled - that means that I’m down here on campus a full four hours before I need to be.

So I have to decide what to do with this time. I could use it in a beneficial manner and actually study, but that’s not sounding so appealing. :wink:

The plan, I think, is to walk up to the bank and transfer funds from savings to checking, to cover the rent check. Then I could walk in the other direction and go to the Friends of the Library book sale, just to see if they have anything exciting that I want to read. As long as I’m back in time for class at 2, I can do whatever I want. Yippee!

The joy of uni… Get there, all prepared, brain set for learnin’ then you find out the professor has cancelled class… ARGH!

Now what?

Study? Aren’t you meant to do that the 15 minutes before the exam? Library… whazzat? :smiley:

Hope you enjoyed your morning.

BTW, what are ya studying? I miss school.

I’m studying library and information science - assuming all goes well (and some sort of aid comes through for this summer), I’ll be the proud owner of a master’s degree in May 2004.