A man who wants his wife to do it with other men

Let’s assume he (the husband) wants it purely for his own selfish viewing pleasure. Does that make him a homosexual?

Only if he wants to kick his wife out of the way and take over with the other guy.

I think what you are describing is a fairly well-documented fetish. There is also, I believe, a lively category of porn with that premise.


If he wanted to have sex with other men while his wife watched, that may make him a homosexual, or at least bisexual.

A good friend of mine and his wife play that way. He’s not into the men. He’s into watching his wife enjoy other men or he and the other going doing her together. He never interacts with the other dude directly.

If Rule 43 is to be believed there is a lively category of porn with any premise.
I believe the term for what the OP describes is cuckold. He’s watching a live heterosexual act & not participating; not homosexual.

I’m reading expert opinion, I presume. I just heard the premise from one psychologist. The psych said such a man dreams of making love to other men and now he wants to do it through his wife.

Too much projection on the part of that psychologist? Or perhaps in places or times where homosexuality is / was unthinkable; perhaps, but reading Dan Savage makes the other explanations more believable.

He’s a voyeur. Or he wants to put something in the bank for when he cheats on his wife. Or for when he already cheated on his wife.

Watching a man doing it with a woman is porn. Watching a man doing with a woman you find attractive is porn. Watching a man doing it with another man you find attractive is gay porn.

No wrt the latter. Not into this, but I read quite a lot from people who are. Either a voyeur, as you say, or into the humiliation of being cuckolded (surprisingly common).
WRT the OP, some in the latter category go as far as wanting to feel/taste the semen of the other man or even having to service him. Despite the appearances, even in these cases, I’m not convinced it’s related to homosexuality. More the humiliation thing, again.

In the case of my friend mentioned above, it is definitely the voyeur thing with some domination thrown in. He is the one controlling the action.

When the guy is watching his wife doing it with another man, which of the two is he mostly watching?

Depends on the guy, I would imagine.