A Medical Miracle! Normal Turds! (way TMI)

OK, so I’ve had irritable bowel syndrome (or something similar) for about as long as I can remember. I have always just chalked it up to stress, a love of spicy food and a family history of (ahem) crappy colons. :slight_smile:

So, anyway, I get an ear and lung infection a few weeks ago, and the doc put me on a particular antibiotic (Clarithromycin). After a few day I notice that I’m, well, creating normal poop with, you know, actual shape!

I hopped on the 'net and found that certain cases of IBS (or its ilk) are apparently caused by an overgrowth of bacteria beyond the neighborhood in which they’re supposed to hang out.

I also read that some IBS is caused by antibiotics, so please don’t take this as anything other than a medical anecdote. YSMV.

Anyway, who knew that such an unintended side effect could cause such happiness??? :smiley:

Had you ever talked to a doctor about your problem? Have you been suffering all these years for nothing?

Yo Bro - This is the Straight DOPE, not the Straight POOP

…or in your case, the knobby, well-formed, firm-yet-corny poop

Yes. I’d mentioned the IBS thing to the doc several times and got nothing more than sympathy. Time for a new doc, apparently?

I too have IBS, and on the rare (every few years) occasions I produce an “angel poop”, I skip through the meadows telling all and sundry. Which doesn’t go down well with most people.

The only time I’ve been “normal” in the last couple of decades has been when I’ve done the Atkins diet. Now I want to get some of that Clarithromycin down my neck and see what happens. Wish I’d read this thread when I was in east Asia last week, so I could have got some without prescription. (Not that this would constitute taking your advice.) It sure would beat getting a fecal transplant.


Ghandi once said that, when you are cleaning the latrines, it seems like the most important thing in the world.

What does YSMV mean, “your shittage may vary”?

May your feces always be well-formed, may your crappage never loosen, and may your bowels move with regularity.

Yup. :smiley: Well done.