A Message to America (Gun Control)


Care to summarize the message for brevity’s sake?

The description reads: "Spread the message of freedom and individual liberty by rating and commenting on this video, as well as reposting it. Please visit the following sites for more information: http://infowars.com ht…

And continues with a bunch of Brits complaining about fox hunting restrictions and a ban on handguns.


You’re shooting the messenger.

I guess that’s why you didn’t get the message.

There are a lot of people who don’t have high speed internet. It’d pretty goddamn rude to just post a link to YouTube without offering any commentary of your own designed to get the conversation started.

It sort of goes all over the place, from the crusade against foxhunting, to the pistol ban, to the Tony Martin case.

So is it pro let me keep all my shiny guns that make my tiny penis hard, or anti hike up your skirt a read the goddamned second amendment you dirty hippy?

It’s more of a, “Things have gone to hell in a handbasket since the pistol ban, violent crime is up, and you can’t protect yourself anymore” sort of thing.

Finally! Paleface has come along to end this whole gun control issue! It’s about time someone shared their opinion on this message board. And such a profound and eloquently worded opinion it is!

I understand that sarcasm is discouraged in “Great Debates”. But a single youtube link is neither great or a debate.

Hey, if you Brits want gun rights, then organize and agitate for them. As far as I know there’s something resembling a representative system of government there; I mean, I know they still have a king and queen in a castle and stuff, and knights like Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John who enforce the laws of the monarchy with an iron fist and everything, but I’ve heard that they do allow the peasants to vote on some things, like what kind of potatoes can be served and what material can be used to thatch a roof. So it’s not like you have NO rights.

Seriously though, there’s nothing like the NRA in the UK. That’s a powerful force here for gun rights; you can like them or not like them but they do lobby hard for the 2nd amendment. Pro-gun Brits should form a similar group or correspond with the NRA to try to establish a British chapter or something. That’d be my advice.

Then we don’t really need this thread cluttering up the front page of this forum.