A message to you, Rudy

Stop your messing around
Better think of your future
Time you straighten right out
Creating problems in town…

I thought of this when I saw that. They still sell these, years after her death!

There was a time when Giuliani had some credibility after NYC crime rate went down while he was mayor. I can barely even remember that. His legacy is an absolute joke now. He’ll be known to posterity as an embarrassing clown on the biggest stage.

The murder rate, and crime overall, were dropping precipitously in the three years before Giuliani became mayor, but that is often left out in the telling of the Rudy Myth. There were so many factors involved in the drop, both nationally and in New York (including the hiring of William Bratton to head the Transit Police in 1990), but the Rudy Myth assigns all the credit to the so-called broken windows style of policing. It just isn’t true.

Even still, the myth is pretty much dead now. Nobody is even going to care about that anymore.

The guy got booed at Yankee stadium a few years ago, loudly and heartily. That was unthinkable in October 2001. By the time he joined forces with Trump, his reputation was already dead. He turned 9/11 into a money faucet and New Yorkers were disgusted.
What a shitshow.

Has it been figured out whether he was melting or leaking?

“We knew Rudy had a screw loose, but now he’s leaking oil.”

I don’t know about My Cousin Vinny, but what he performed was clearly the closing scene of Death in Venice, Luchino Visconti’s film based on Thomas Mann’s novella. Great book, great film, but, alas! it did not end well. Sorry, Giuliani, roll the credits! Bye bye!

It’s not oil. It’s evil, like what Zorg had running down his face in The Fifth Element. Rudy has disappointed Mr. Shadow.

When ever I see him talk or read what people write about him I think of that. Coming from someone that lives half a country away from NY and didn’t pay attention to politics in the mid-late 90’s, I was under the impression he was well liked as mayor, or at least not actively hated.

A few weeks ago I watched Fear City about the mafia in NY in the 70s/80s, before Rudy was a mayor. They seemed to paint him in a good light, at least when it came to dealing with mafia crime.

I was living in NYC back when he was mayor, and long before that. The man was ALWAYS a slimeball.

Oh, what a world, what a world…

Bravo! I laughed out loud.


(I know and love the movie, but for some reason failed to make the connection until you pointed it out).

Maybe it’s dip, that substance from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. At this point, that’s the only thing to get rid of cartoon characters such as Guliani and that orange cartoon he’s a flack for.

All I know is that if it drips onto his shirt, he’s going to have it change it, which will require some untucking and tucking back in. I wonder if he could find a very young conservative blonde to help him out, as we know that that makes him happy.

Oh my god. :rofl:

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Giuliani was widely hailed as “America’s mayor.” And he really, really was. President George W. Bush disappeared from public view, then came across at times as flailing a bit in his early public statements. Understandable, but not reassuring. Giuliani was a stark contrast. The press conference he gave, when asked about the casualty count, when he responded that the total was still unknown, but “the number of casualties will be more than any of us can bear, ultimately,” is permanently seared into my memory. He came across with an uncannily well-balanced mixture of grief, empathy, determination, and resolve. His steady presence was a balm to me, and I suspect many others. I think he probably literally saved lives.

And now, this. It’s truly tragic. Given his performance in the 2008 Republican presidential primaries, less than 7 years later, where he seemed to be deliberately milking the tragedy and trauma of 9/11 for personal political gain, it seems clear that “America’s mayor” Giuliani was always a chimera, but, still, I just can’t feel outraged or angered by his current performance. I’m just…saddened.

I think that, like Pence, Giuliani had some kind of insect on his head. But this one had diarrhea.

My wife has been asking me to refinish the bookshelves …