A "Millionaire"-For 4 Hours! Woe is ME!

On a whim, I logged on to check my stock portfolio-and lo and behold, one stock had jumped-to $333/share! All round my portfolion was now orth $1,024,111.89!!
Overjoyed, I was scared-sensing a mistake was made, i called-and the broker was most pleasant-“yes, sir, that is your portfolio value”! Oh frabjous day!! I had visions of telling the boss off, putting the house on the market, and GETTING the HELL OUT!!
Sure enough, the call came…4 hours later…"I’m sorry sir…it seems a mistake was made…your stock is worth…$0.33!!
Damn!! :confused:

Doesn’t the rule of “no takebacks” apply here, or is that just on the playground?

I work for a brokerage firm.
Yes, we’ve had that happen. A bad quote throws off someone’s portfolio balance.
At least you can smile about it.

Congratulations, you’re a “Thousandaire”!

You seem to have forgotten the most important word in the dictionary for situations like that one - SELL!

And by Monday morning, they will be asking you to pay the $1,014,792.46

Yesterday, I held a check for $314,000 in my hand.

OK, it was made out to the company I work for, not me, but it was still a fairly heady feeling.

I was once a millionaire for a few minutes. I had mailed a check for a thousand dollars to my British bank. They converted it to British pounds and deposited it in my account, along with the equivalent amount of pounds from a check for a million dollars that apparently came from somebody else’s letter. They then noticed their mistake and withdrew the million dollars from my account.