A modest proposal

That the best model of objective reality has the form of an undecidable proposition.

damn, and here I thought we were gonna debate eating babies…

Does that mean that, if it weren’t for Gödel’s Theorem, this thread would be moot?

Where’d I put that caret? Oh, here it is:

“That the best model of objective reality has the form of an ^humanly^ undecidable proposition.”

Good edit, Poly.

Pqlier, that is the main problem I’ve got with it (It can’t be proven). However, can you prove that it can’t be proven? How did you decide that it can’t be decided?

It’s a minor paradox, but I enjoy it.

Perhaps, though, you could offer more info for those of us (me) who haven’t read, what, is it Goebel?

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What Godel showed was that in any system strong enough to contain arithmetic, you can construct a sentence that asserts that it (the sentence itself) has no proof. If we assume that the system is consistent, then the statement cannot be proven (since that would make it false) and so it must be true, but unprovable(within the system). Therefore, there are true statments that cannot be proven. The statement cannnot be disproven either.

Curiously enough, when you have a statement that cannot be proven or disproven, you can add the statement or its negation to your system and will not introduce a contradiction.

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