A mom is arrested for having one glass of wine on Emirates Airline

Outrage but I couldn’t work up the froth for the pit.


This kind of stuff is just too much.

Did you notice how the third paragraph began? “Holman told MailOnline”. In short, the source is the Daily Mail. This is not a reliable source.

There is no way that her version of the story true.

Here’s a link to the best bars in Dubai

If so my bad for assuming Newsweek would verify their sources.

Newsweek is not the magazine you remember. It’s now a digital-only publication unaffiliated with the Washington Post (its long-time former owner).

Outrageous. But as a relatively wealthy Western tourist, she will likely fare better than a local and/or poor individual. The press coverage will probably help (I read the story in the Guardian, I’m sure it has been covered elsewhere too).

I did not know that, thanks.

It is not illegal to drink in Dubai. There is an Irish pub in the airport. I travel through Dubai often and there are many bards in the country. You can buy alcohol to consume at home. This story does not pass the smell test.

I get the impression that Dubai is promoting itself as a destination for the super-rich, so she’s probably actually not that wealthy, relatively speaking.

And yes, something sounds off about this story. For one thing, if it’s a problem to drink about a flight inbound to Dubai, why would Emirates serve wine?

Here is the MSNBC link.


According to this link, then question about drinking was asked after a tense altercation when the woman pushed back after being told her visa has expired. Which makes me wonder if the proximate cause of her arrest was the “tense stand-off with the immigration officer”, rather than the alcohol—.

The expired visa alone was reason enough to deny entry. It’s on her to verify her visa is valid, before traveling to any country. And getting into an altercation with the immigration official just gives them a reason to find any offense to charge her with.

And also from the story:

So there were a few things they could pin on her.

There was a woman arrested for smoking on a domestic Southwest flight a few months ago. As I recall, though, she threatened to kill everyone on the plane when she was confronted. That may be a little bit different.

The UK government says drinking is legal in UAE except Sharjah. So the glass of wine bit is a red herring.

First of all, if it is illegal, why would THEIR airline be serving it on a flight to THEIR country? Secondly, unless they were almost landing, they were not in UAE airspace, which means they were not in the UAE. Shoddy research because of a made up or grossly distorted story?

I recently flew Emirates with a layover in Dubai, and I had booze on both the flight and in the airport during my layover. This story absolutely did not happen the way the woman tells it.

What? Kids in jails. That simply does not happen in civilized countries. Oh, wait, I take that back.:frowning:

The original source obviously badly bungled their facts, and no surprise that it was the Daily Fail. But the fact remains that countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia have horrible human rights records and are persistently guilty of conduct that would be totally unacceptable in civilized nations.

Not to digress, but currently in the news in Canada is an escalating spat with Saudi Arabia over the fact that Canada dared to criticize its decision to jail two prominent women’s rights activists. In retaliation, Saudi Arabia broke off diplomatic relations, recalling its ambassador and expelling the Canadian ambassador – the kind of thing that normal countries only do as a prelude to war or something similarly serious – liquidated all its Canadian investments, ordered citizens of Saudi Arabia who were in Canadian hospitals to leave and get treatment outside the country, and various other crazy things.

There may be some nice bars in Dubai and there is certainly a shit-ton of money in the region, but the reality is that in many ways the concept of “shithole countries” applies. Whatever all the facts of this case, it’s a good bet that this woman was treated very unfairly.

I’ve heard stories, perhaps not true, of people who entered Dubai (or one of the neighboring emirates or countries) with trace amounts of marijuana on their persons (like a single seed on the sole of their shoe) and being arrested for it. Honestly, given how many other countries you could visit, I don’t know why people would go to such oppressive regimes.

No, you were right the first time. In some regards, the US has lost the right to call itself a civilized country.