A murder of crows. Make up your own collective noun.

An atozthread of stoats.

A Karen of covidiots.

An embarrassment of Republicans

A cure of PTSDs (President Trump Stress Disorders)

An urgency of vaccinations.

A chapter of novelists.


A grump of critics.

A jab of antivaxxers.

A moidah of Brooklynites.

a saturation of water

A slice of surgeons

A suit of lawyers.

A jiggle of strippers

Siam_Sam wrote:
A jiggle of strippers

In keeping with the theme, a twirl of tassels.


A phalanx of phalsies.

A mooning of bear behinds

An idiocy of unvaccinated Alabamans

a loss of keto

an extinction of unvaccinated tRumpanzees ( … we can only hope!)


An inkstain of typesetters