A murder of crows. Make up your own collective noun.

A mess of children.

Ever see kittens play fight? Where they roll around in a ball. We call that a ‘hairball of kitties’

A dumpster of children.

A wall of Trump supporters.

A skank of barflys

A shivering of Christmas carolers

A comedy of hyenas.

An encumbrance of relatives

A dank-dark-den of Dopers.

I would have said a MAGA of Trump supporters…

A hangover of Partygoers.

A hunka-hunka Elvis Impersonators.

A dispute of Dopers – a pit of Dopers?

A slimeball of slugs.

A quiver of chihuahuas.

A bridge of trolls.

A subscription of neurotics.

(Because the all have many issues.)

A habit of nuns

A bang of onomatopoeticisms.

A bastion of barristers.

A secant of no-see-ums.

A fidget of ferrets.

A digeredoo of kangaroos.

A mullet of hockey players.

A Congress of deplorables.