A mustang is not a car

A mustang may be a horse
but a mustang is not a car.

You obviously think you have a point to make here–do let us know when you decide what it is and can actually articulate it.

He’s done this in a couple of threads, post a photo or link and damned if I can figure out what it has to do with the subject.

So I’d love to get an explanation, but I’m not waiting for Godot…

I’m simply stating the irrefutable fact that a Mustang is not a car

The poster Mustangsal (see links in OP) is derailing two thread with the simple argument style of asserting that “X is not Y”. He is ignoring the possibility that other definitions of Y may exist and offers no real argument than simply restating that “X is not Y”

You have to comprehend that not everyone sees every thread and if you’ve developed theory of mind then you should be aware that not everyone is thinking exactly what you’re thinking and a cursory attempt at communication is most welcome. Cryptic != clever.

Don’t feed the troll.

Buck_Godot is not a troll.

(I hope that is sufficiently meta for everyone)


I love the “suspended” tag, I expect a “banned” one soon.

Maybe you won’t be so obvious with your next sock. But I hope you will so that your stink doesn’t linger very long.

OK its a fair cop. Some things sound better in my head than they do on the page.

For what it’s worth, I think this type of thread can work, since you linked the posts you were mocking.

My issue is jus that it wasn’t quite close enough to the style for me to understand what you were getting at.

It’s not a coupe.

I was in Israel, I think, when I saw a Mustang II that was in really good condition. It had been restored but there was an issue with some of paint work. In a racing stripe, where it was supposed to say Mustang it was spelled as Mustnag.


They had no regerts.

Only God can juge them.

Mrs. L pointed out, “So this special Mustang. It’s a Cobra. Is it a snake or a horse?”

Maybe the driver got it from his mother-in-law.


Like this?

And some 'Dopers.

At least “nag” has something to do with horses. “Must”? Not so much.

Editors, untie!