A Mystery Re Guy Finding My Cellphone No.

Jackass here.

Recently parked my car in a commercial valet garage. Carefully took the key off the ring. Put key ring back in right pocket. Left ignition key on seat for valet.

Oh wait. Put ignition key in left pocket. Same difference.

Fifteen minutes later my cell phone rings, with a very agitated immigrant gentleman demanding to know where the key was, my car was blocking the ramp, he needed the key! After telling him two or three times, it’s on the seat, dude, to his angry denials, I made that little discovery in my left pocket. Went by, dropped off the key, slipped him a few ducats for his trouble.

Now: I got home, and there was an (agitated) voicemail on my home number, which he’d apparently called first.

I’m glad he tracked me down and we were able to address the problem (the alternative, I’m sure, is he’d have my car towed away at great expense to me).

I was curious though, arguably a little creeped out, to ponder: HITH did he get my home number, let alone my cell no., and so quickly? My car’s pretty pristine, certainly there were no scraps of paper with either of my numbers or even my name on them.

Do garages have access, licit or otherwise, to DMV databases? I guess that would get you as far as my home number. But my cell no.? How’d he do that?

Isn’t here some registration process to use the valet services where you provide contact info?

There are sites that for a fee will give out all collected information on a person from all the sources they can search. They probably have an account with a place like that.

There probably should be, and in some places may be, but at this and other places, no, the valet enters your car make model and color and the license no. in a computer kiosk, and it spits out a bifurcated ticket, one for him, one for you. They do not request your name, phone no., anything else.

Do you have a registration or insurance information? That would give your name and address which he could look up and get the home number. Not sure about the cell though.

Good point and yes, I do, in the glove box.