A name change question...

If my married daughter got divorced, can she just take her maiden name back or does she have to go through the courts and have it legally changed?

I’m asking for her because I think I already know the answer, but as usual, she doesn’t listen to me. She is of the opinion that she can just submit forms to change her SS#, drivers license # and such as that.

But it seems to me that if her name was legally changed when she got married, it would need to be legally changed back again. Am I right?

IANAL but when I got divorced I had to do it through the courts. I killed two birds with one stone by doing it the day of my divorce. The judge signed this form then I had to take it down to the clerk and she stamped it. Then I had to have that paper with me to Social Security to get a new card with my maided name back on it. This was in Ohio. I’m assuming this is the case in all states.

When I did it (in California) there was a little check box on the divorce form. All I had to do was take that down to the Social Security office and IIRC, the DMV, and presto! My name was right and proper again!

I take it she’s doing this without a lawyer. Whether that’s bad depends on how complex the divorce. But no one should do this blind. I strongly suggest that she get to a bookstore and buy a self-help book specific to your state. It will answer this question. It will also inform the question of whether she needs a lawyer. Yes, they’re expensive. Not having one can be very expensive too.

More anecdotal data: when I got my divorce (Connecticut) I just added it into the divorce agreement; at the end of the agreement I added “TellMeI’mNotInsane will resume the use of her maiden name and be known as TellMeI’mNotCrazy.”

A Mr. Insane married a Ms. Crazy? That’s just nuts! :D:D