A nation's taste buds mourn

Estel Wood Kelley has died. (Actually he died two weeks ago but I just heard about it.) He was 86.

Kelley was a respected executive in the food services industry and was responsible for the development of Tang, Cool Whip, Grey Poupon Mustard, Smirnoff vodka, Klondike ice cream bars and A-1 Steak Sauce.

Kelley, known by all simply as “Ed”, was born in Indiana in 1917. He was noted for his philanthropy and his devotion to his family. We have lost a true Hoosier daddy.

Tang? Cool Whip? [insert arched eyebrow smilie >here<]

I’m also quite sure he didn’t invent or develop Dijon mustard or Smirnoff vodka either. However, I’m prepared to give out a brief sob with respect to the Klondike bars.


Smirnoff, Klondike bars and A-1. What a combo!

I believe those are three of the four major food groups! :slight_smile:

And what would be the 4th? :slight_smile:

Tang. For the vitamin C.

Caffine is the fourth.

Actually, I’d bet if you threw some Tang, Cool Whip, Smirnoff, and a Klondike Bar into a blender the result could be pretty tasty. I’d leave out the Grey Poupon and A-1 though.

Use enough Smirnoff, and it doesn’t matter how tasty it is. Wee!