A new bed to rock in!

We dug out a new flower bed today and edged it with limestone and filld it with dark green and lilac gravel. It is in our front lawn and about 6 foot by 3 foot neat the top narrowing to 18 inches at the front. the back has a 125 pound dark green rock that slopes toward the front. It is in part shade. I am planting large caladiums behind in the rock and small ones in front. in the front of the bed I planted a white bleeding heart. I am thinking of putting in some vinca minor and columbine, the purple and white specie kind.

We marked out a new bed in the back as well. That is sun to part sun. In it will go balloon flowers, bachelor buttons, blue geraniums, blue petunias, and allyssum.

The daffodils are beginning to bloom in the beds we made last year. I can’t wait to see how this looks in a few months.

What will your garden be like this year?

Silver Bells, Cockle Shells etc.

Ohhh, my garden is great.

I have to rake the mulch out of it tomorrow (hey, it’s Montana, give me a break already), but the crocuses have already come and gone.

Next will be the grape hyacinths (and the regular hyacinths). I think I only have one daffodil bulb (strange, really). Then will come the tulips, then the irises, then the poppies, peonies, day lilies, Asiatic lilies, tiger lilies, Maltese cross, valerian, daisies, echinacea, rabbitbrush, flax, phlox, dianthus, artemisia, pansies, soapwort, sandwort, snapdragons, asters, hollyhocks, roses, potentilla, moneywort, aspens (they’re just babies, so it counts), alyssum, sedum, lupines, delphinium, flowering almond, buttercups, lily of the valley, speedwell, spiraea, bishop’s hat, woodruff, bleeding heart, columbines, holly, Oregon grape, barberry, cotoneaster, geraniums, begonias, oregano, thyme, parsley, lavender, and ornamental plum.

Jeez, that’s a long list. And I’m probably forgetting several things. I love my garden. Or couldn’t you guess? :wink:

I just raked off mulch/cut back perennials yesterday and today. Still tons more to do, but the snow just melted for good (I hope).

Pic of crocus (bloomed yesterday) here, and some iris danfordae (bloomed today) are here. I plan on re-doing my big border (dig, divide, replace) this year, some things are taking over - achillea, lychnis, echinops and echinacea are everywhere.

We set out about 300 daffodil bulbs, 100 crocus, 150 grape hyacinths, 15 tulips, 14 iris and 10 dutch iris. The crocus have blommed and are fading, the daffodils are just starting to bloom. The dianthus we planted last year made it through the winter. I have 2 roses to prune and one more I just planted. Today wea re setting out 100 vinca minor plants 36 sweet peas and prolly a few of the morning gloriesand moonflowers.

This year for perrinnials we are planting shasta daisies, hollyhocks, pampas grasses, blue dianthus, hardy blue geraniums,

We are also planting english daisies, blue impatiens, persian sheilds, stevia, lobelia, , cascading double petunias, statice, delphiniums, heterapaupas, lumina, coleus, forget me nots, chinese forget me nots, sweet pepper mix, fire pepper mix, habeneros, ornamental peppers, rose moss, dusty miller, pompom dahlias, hypoestes, pansies, and balsam.

You are so lucky I do not have a garden!!!