A new breakfast delight

Scrambled egg (just egg & butter) on crumpets, with a grind of pepper and a dusting of parmesan. And bacon.


I LOVE crumpets, But with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Have trouble finding the clotted cream though…

I wonder if its easy to bake crumpets?

So like an Egg McMuffin but with pepper and a different type of cheese? It is a tasty combo.

To me a crumpet is a vanilla cake with butterscotch frosting but I assume you mean something different.

ETA: I guess what I was thinking of is called a Krimpet…I always called them Crumpets.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of scones? Because in that case what you’ve described is pretty much cream tea.

They make Egg McMuffins with crumpets now?

For those who don’t know, the British crumpet is not unlike, yet not entirely the same as, what we Americans call an “English muffin”.

I had scrambled eggs with fresh asparagus and some low-fat cheese, and ate them with apple slices and an English muffin. OM NOM NOM!

You know what they call an Egg McMuffin in France?

Which makes no sense to me. That’s not what the word “crumpet” sounds like it should mean. Judging by the sound, “crumpets” should be something like cream horns or bugles. At any rate, they definitely shouldn’t be flat. Crumpled trumpets aren’t flat.

Well, since they etymology of “crumpet” has not one damn thing to do with trumpets, that’s a good thing.

ETA: NB: I’m not disputing the “crumpled” part of your assertion. That’s supported in the primary definition given. But “trumpet?”:rolleyes:

I freely admit that mine is a personal and idiosyncratic view (i.e. I’m a crackpot).

I do mine in the toaster.

Since there seems to be confusion, gaze ye on the glory that is the British crumpet.

Congratulations. You’ve discovered the Bacon & Egg McMuffin.

I agree with the last part; I think they would be sharp.

Crumpets, like English muffins, aren’t baked. They’re cooked on a griddle. Crumpets are made with a much wetter dough than muffins, almost a batter, which, as it cooks slowly on the griddle, fills up with vertical holes. When you buy them already made, you can (and should) toast them, then butter them liberally, and top with your choice of jam, honey, or, as our brave OP has attempted, something savoury.

They aren’t terribly difficult to make, either.

If you have an egg ring - grease it & cook a stirred egg in a covered non-stick pan with 2 tablespoons of water. Medium heat for 3-4 minutes.

Perfectly cooked egg for a muffin or crumpet. Just like Micky D’s.

They don’t add the Parmesan. And I rather doubt they scramble their eggs with butter.