A new 'Cars' thread .OR. Do you know Italian?

I finally saw Pixar’s Cars today.
I’ll give my professional opinion if someone asks, but my main question is what the Ferrari say in Italian?

Could you transcribe it?

“Blah blah blabla blah bladiddy blah, ble blah blibidy blah blah blah.”

“We should meet up for coffee so you can boisterously and at great length admire my physique, fashion sense and superior breeding.” Doubtless.

That would actually fit.

Okay, I don’t speak Italian except for a few hand gestures, so for all I know Michael Schumacher-Ferrari was asking, “Could you give me and my friends directions to Doc Hudson’s office? I’m told he has a machine that can X-ray my butt.” With that caveat in mind, though, I had assumed from the context that he was simply repeating the question he had asked Guido a few seconds earlier, something like: “I’d heard that this was a good place to buy tires for myself and my friends.” When Guido fainted, I thought that Michael tried to ask the same thing to Luigi, except in Italian, which of course prompted the exact same reaction from Luigi.

I don’t know much about Italian, but I can attempt to transcribe:

Spero que tu amigo se reprenda
medico no que s’ete fantastici

I’m pretty sure the first line translates to “I hope your friend recovers (himself)”.
The second line could be something about a medic (doc?) who’s supposed to be fantastic? I dunno.

If anyone here knows Italian, I’ve made a .wav recording of it. Mail to mahjqa[a]gmail[.]com and I’ll send it over.

<SLAPS garygnu with Wet Trout>

“I hope your friend will recover soon; they tell me you guys are fantastic”.

The first line, if you’ve got it right, should be more like Spero che il tuo amico si riprende (Spero che being pronounce the same as Spanish Spero que, but the rest is slightly different).

I didn’t see the movie and I’m only OK in Italian. The second line seems to me to not work so well in Italian.

Perhaps I’ll just have to watch the movie and figure it out. Oh, wait maybe I can get that .wav.

I’ve listened to the .wav file and he said: “Wow! Spero che il tuo amico si riprenda, mi dicono che siete fantastici.” Which is translated just as Lars Aruns said (how did I miss that? I guess I was too busy trying to figure it out myself that I just skimmed over his post).

So yes, the Ferrari said “I hope your friend recovers, they tell me you guys are fantastic.”

It sounded to me like the actor playing the Ferrari doesn’t speak Italian, though I’m not really good enough to tell.

Yeah. It was actually some german guy.

Spoken like an American. The US is the only country in the world where Michael Schumacher can go and get any privacy. He’s only the world’s most famous and well-paid sportsman, the holder of every significant record in Formula 1 while driving for Ferrari. But only the cognoscenti here know anything but the Piston Cup, er, NASCAR.

Just got back, loved the flick, DVD for Xmas.

Sweet. Thanks to everyone who helped. (and a half-hearted ‘sorry’ to Bosda.)


243 starts, 88 wins, 7 world championships, and makes Tiger Woods look like a pauper. I know who Michael Schumacher is.

Who did what in his cup?