A New Era-I run out of coffee filters

Now, granted, I’ve started drinking (a lot) more coffee since I became a Mom. However, I tried to make a pot of coffee this morning and I was out of filters. What? No filters? Checks cabinets…checks pantry…panic sets in…checks stockpile. I’m pretty sure I must have bought those filters at some point, but they have always been there for me. I’ve never run out. Oh sure, sometimes, when shopping, I’ll grab a pack because I assume I do not have an infinite resource, and yet, I can never remember every actually running out of them.

They are like toothpicks, there is always a box in the cabinets somewhere.

They are exactly unlike lighters, which never exist.

And completely unlike pens, because even though you can’t find one, you know there is a metric shitload of pens in your house somewhere, they are just hiding.

But coffee filters? They are the benevolent, always there, God-like supply, ready, able, competent, infinite.

What will my life be like now? Will I live to dread this day? Will I develop an obsessive coffee filter buying existence? Afraid to relive this day over and over in my mind until I have hundreds of little packs of hundreds of little filters?

Cry for me, for I have no tears left. This world is not my world and I don’t want to live in it.

At the hospital we used sterile gauze as emergency filters. Try it.

Those brown institutional paper towels work well in a pinch.

Regular paper towels don’t, though. Trust me on this: you do not want to try that experiment.

What! I’ve used regular paper towels as filters, you must be doing it wrong. :slight_smile: When I was forced to use them I would shove it in the holder, put the grounds in then fold it loosely over the grounds. YMMV

I buy 2-3 packs of the cheapest bulk filters when they’re on sale, I also have a cheap nylon screen filter that I got out of the bargain bin. the cheap paper filters tend to collapse by themselves and the nylon filter lets too much of the fine grounds through. But combining the two of them makes perfect coffee!

Several “gold” screen filters are available, it’s nice to have one on hand if you run out of the paper filters. I actually prefer Melitta paper filters over the generic, there is a difference, not just in price.

Based on my experience, you’ll come to rue this day, and attempt to develop an obsessive filter-buying existence, but you’ll quickly get distracted by beer and ramen noodles. Possibly also by college girls, if you swing that way. And you’ll buy an espresso machine.

But, then again, you may not be a bachelor.