A new game for a boring Saturday night...

So. I just thought of a wonderful new game. I will call it “Threes”
I list three things, they certainly seem unrelated. But, they aren’t! The point of the game is to find the missing link that links them all together.

Whoever gets it right, starts the next round.

  1. Day old bread
  2. Mozart and his crazy neighbor.
  3. Jolly Rogers

Good Luck!


My, my, pricciar. I see you’re not kidding around with your list. It’s tricky, for sure, but I’ll give it a whirl. The answer could only be…

Seedless Blackberry Jam.

My turn.

  1. American alligators
  2. John Steinbeck
  3. Texaco gas card

Well. I thought I was so clever with that start. I figured I could work hours and hours of mockery and “You are the weakest link” jokes. To be cut down like this, is nothing short of humiliating.

Good work, katiekilldare. Now. Let me see if I can return the favor and answer your question.
I will admit, I would have answered five minutes ago if the first option had been “African Elephants”. Alas, it wasn’t. So, I won’t be winning lightning round with this answer. Atleast, I figured it out.

Neon green jumpsuits
Let’s see if my second round of threes can stump you!

  1. Cheese grits
  2. “Elvis is marinating, sir”
  3. Apples and adenoids


Gosh, that was fast! You know, it would have almost worked with African elephants, except for the ears!

Elvis marinating + cheesy grits + apples/adenoids =

A Root Canal! (Right?)

  1. Tower of London
  2. May Day!
  3. Gator Jump-a-Roo

Root Canal is 100% correct.

Well. I have to tell you. Your fixation with gators is giving me fits. I have been sitting here for twenty minutes getting no closer to an answer.
The Lenin/Trotsky wrong turns I made - I don’t even want to go into. Let me jsut tell you, it is hell translating Alligator info pages from Russian to English. (They don’t like them.)
I think I got it.

Janis Joplin’s superflous nipple
Whoo. That was a tough one.

  1. First Aid for canines
  2. Dayton, Ohio
  3. Bam Bam


You almost had me stumped. I didn’t think you could do the same answer twice…but you can! Oh you were sly!

Seedless Blackberry Jam.

wow, that was a toughie!

a)Pee Wee Herman’s left shoe
b)Nacho Cheese with jalapenos
c)George C. Scott’s rendition of “Purple People Eater”

WTF are you people talking about?

Wow, Bad News Baboon, my compliments on a superbly well-crafted puzzle. You aImost had me with the jalapenos, but I think that I am right in answering

The Pythagorean Theorem.

Here’s one from a slightly different perspective:

(1) New York City cab drivers
(2) The Marianas Trench
(3) Worcestershire Sauce

Ditto - someone explain one of them - if you’d be so very kind!!


Well, grimpixie and ** Rilchiam**, it’s no longer 4/1, but I think someone’s pulling our legs!

greatZebu ,

I was up all night pondering this one.
I was leaning towards “Japanese Eggplant” but the part about the Worcestershire Sauce just didn’t fit, you know? I mean if you had said Lee and Perins Worcestershire Sauce then I could see the eggplant connection.

and then, around 4 am, it struck me!

the same answer!

Seedless Blackberry Jam

oh you slay me, you do!

here’s another right back at you:
a) Seedless Blackberry jam (lest you think I am pulling a fast one)
b) The book Creative HTML for Kids by Harvey F. Muckstivch
c) wire clothes hangers

: breathes sigh of relief :

Thank fuck for that.

It looks like a certain Baboon has hoisted me on my own little petard.
Whatever a petard might be. I just know it tickled.

Anyway. Sir, you were absoloutely correct. It WAS a trick. And I did reuse Seedless Blackberry Jam. How you figured that out, I am not sure. My hints were not grand, just small enough. But, you did the trick, and for that, sir, I salute you.

The clothes hangers are what gave me insight into your answer. I worked it around a bit, and saw that nothing but clothes hangers could go with.
Gerbers Tapioca Pudding

Is that right? I am sure it must be. Thanks for a brain teaser of the highest order!

Now, my turn again.

  1. “My God. You should have seen what the old lady had on underneath.”
  2. Palm Co-Pilots
  3. LAPD

LOL you guys crack me up!

Here’s my one attempt… enjoy!

  1. Macguyver
  2. Chlorophyll
  3. A chicken enchilada with extra guacamole

Oh, and I forgot to answer the last post. The answer is, of course, Stephen Hawkings.