A new game I just thought up right now: CITE!

I really did just think this up right now so if there are kinks, blame Canada.

Make a wild assertion: Breaded chicken head found in fast food nuggets.

The next person has to find a cite for wild assertion and make another wild assertion for the next person to cite.

Be as broad as possible (and maybe have a cite in mind) so’s we can be creative with the cites.
First one: Man dies trying to make it with killer whale. Found naked and dead in tank.

Um… do you have to know if the wild assertion is true to start with?

Anyway, here’s your Naked corpse found on whale in Florida’s SeaWorld.


Young film makers get rich selling video entitles “Bumfights” showing actual homeless people engaged in fistfights and doing dangerous stunts.

There’s a guy out there who has saved every single walmart reciept he’s ever gotten and he posts them for comment!

World Cup stolen - eventually found by small dog, under a hedge in a park.

Damn, [Maxwell Smart] He beat me by thaaat much. [/86]

Hmmm, did a Germaniac just say something?

Not necessarily, although it would be good to have a cite in mind-- just so you know something can be found.

[sub]fixed coding[/sub]

Here you go: Derek’s Big Website of Walmart Purcase Receipts.

Now how about that World Cup story?


Here ya go jjimmm.

At one point an American dollar was worth 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 German marks.

Here you go:

The reichsmark moved… to around 4 trillion to the dollar.

The whale is not really a fish… it’s an insect.

The whale is not a fish, it’s an insect:


Nation’s Porn Stars converge on Capitol Hill, demanding to be fucked harder

Well Pavnik, this is as close as I could find:


Pretty funny.
Let’s see if someone can come up with a better one.

A man wants to “express himself” by permanently splitting his tongue in two.


Woman sues the makers of The Clapper because she had to clap too hard and injured her hand.

Poor, poor baby…

British man creates a ladder to save spiders from a watery grave.

Spider Ladder

A fingertip was found in a woman’s rice ball.


Pig farts are being recycled

Green Piggery. Surprisingly there are a few companies that do this.

Elvis’s used drawers worth thousands!