A new low for newscasts (warning : adult content)

Yes, this is what you think it is.


Talk about delivering the news! Yowzah.

I’m pretty sure this won’t last long. but I gotta say. WTF?

What possible career could these people hope to go into after this. I mean it’s all cool and all, but still.

I know they actually broadcast this in russia (not this one but a russian version)… and still. Wacky.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t catch on with the 60 Minutes crew. Can you just imagine Mike Wallace…?

What’s to complain about? Nakednews.com is a great place to get news.


The writing is surprisingly good.

It is rather jarring though the see some woman pulling off her bra and talking about a high school shooting at the same time.

My only complaint is that it’s unwatchable on my slow dialup connection. If only they’d broadcast locally… :sunglasses:

I think it’d be better if they had guest newscasters every day instead of the same 4 chicks. It gets old really fast. Plus it is kind of non-arousing when they actually talk, which defeats the whole purpose of them being naked.

Plus I’d rather watch the WB11 news and imagine Kaity Tong (sp?) naked, acting like one of those hookers from Full Metal Jacket. :smiley: