A new tile floor. Will the bad bad bad entertainment ever cease?

Mr. Wrekker is off on his yearly fishing sojourn to Mexico.
Before he left he, in a rude way (I believe) he stated categorically to get my bathroom floor fixed or he was gonna have vinyl installed. YMMV but I hate vinyl flooring. It just grates on my nerves.
As I had a doctor appointment I left Mid-daugter to oversee the tile job.
First let me tell you. I found the best most colorful and beautiful mexican tile, ever. (Kinda appropos, doncha think, since Mr.
W is in Mexico) Each one a different work of art. They are hand painted and sturdy. Talavera tile. My whole family has laughed and poked fun at me about these tiles. I’m the laughingstock.
I don’t get it. The tile is great. I promise.

To alleviate the jokes and rude remarks I decided to cut the color with some grey tile and black grout. Just put a beautiful tile randomly. Yep. I’m a genius. I’ll show them.

Mid-daugter did very little overseeing.
It seems my grey tile and the Mexican hand painted tiles are different thicknesses. Instead of stopping my genius tile guy just carries on. More thin set under the grey tile. Actually it kinda works. If it ever sets. I have hope I’ll be able to walk on the tile by August.

Mr. Wrekker would appreciate his ingenuity at tile laying. Of course he knows not one thing about tile work. He’s not here though. So I gotta decide to keep or scrap the whole deal and order up some vinyl. Ugh.

You gotta hear this.
I walked in the bathroom and on my vanity is a neatly folded pair of my dainties (color? Pink) and on top of them were 3 q-tips. I banned q-tips many years ago. They are hell on my plumbing. The panties I do not remember ever owning. Tile genius must of found these items. Why would he think I wanted the old knickers and 3 old q-tips? Why didn’t he just toss them? He cleaned his mess up very nicely.

People confuse me.
Think I’ll go shopping for vinyl tomorrow. Maybe I’ll look for a new floor guy as well. I can’t face Tile genius.

I’m mortified.

So much to comment and so little I’m willing to be banned over.

Granny Hawkins and her fancy schmancy tile ideas.
I should’ve known.

Not to rain on your parade, but the uneven tile job might be a trip hazard.

Who puts Q-tips in ‘plumbing’?

I don’t like lino at all and much prefer tile. But think it may not be a good idea to mix tiles. The painted tiles could be used as a edging/baseboard on the wall.

To answer your question…kids! Kids flush all manner of things.

You’re probably right about mixing tile types. But it’s done. It looks alot better in the light of day. The grout is dry. The guy will come back and seal it.

So when can we see pics of your beautiful new floor?

OM freakin’ god!! You can get sinks hand painted like the tile!
So I go look at them on a web site. Expensive, activate whiny voice but I want one.
Well two. My vanity has two sinks.
Should I mix match them or get them the same? A question for the ages.
And, and… They show how people put these tiles on stair risers
I’ve been wanting to eliminate the carpet on the stairs.

And…and…and…omg! Becky! You can get dishes, flower pots and trivets and coasters.

Really, how much is too much?

BRB. Gotta place an order.

I found a huge piggy bank painted like this. I know what the lil’wrekker is getting for her birthday! She’ll love it.

You haven’t got yours yet???

Will you never learn ?!

I think Mr. Wrekker is going to regret his trip to Mexico if he comes back to a completely talavera-tiled house. It might be worth it. But yeah, I love those tiles too. They are just so cheerful.

Yep. You bet he is gonna regret giving me an ‘or else’

I can be nasty when I want to

My aunt lived in Mexico for several years and her house had Talavera tile sinks. They were beautiful! I have a nice collection of ceramic critters and boxes in the Talavera style that she sent me and that I bought when I visited.

Would LOVE to see pics of your floor! I bet it’s stunning.