A night of Cinemax

I’m home with the baby today so I start watching Cinemax. First up, Kingdom of Heaven. First time seeing it and I’m ok with it. Not overjoyed but just sort of content. Then the downward spiral begins.

7pm Assault on Precinct 13(remake) - First time seeing it. Blah. Original was better. This one just sucked ass.

9pm Land of the Dead - Saw this one in the movies and it was horrible then. Much worse tonight.

11pm War of the Worlds - Saw in the movies, range from didn’t really have an opinion to slightly negative. Saw it tonight and it was painful to watch. Good thing everyone moved their dead cars off the highway so he could do 80mph getting out of town. Yeesh!

Worst of all, I sat through all the movies until WotW when he’s in the basement. My kid started screaching from gas pains which gave me an excuse to turn off the tv. The only reason I can find for doing this is that I am trying to numb my senses. Maybe if I continue to watch tons of crappy movies, I won’t mind when old age and/or death catch up with me.

When I saw the thread title I assumed that you were treating yourself to an evening of Cinemax’s softcore porn flicks!

Me too. I’ve never had Cinemax and am surprised to learn they play anything but porn past 10.

That’s on Fridays, I think.

Er, I’ve heard.

Certainly never gotten drunk with the girls and watched Skinemax all night, howling with laughter. I’ve got far more interesting and cool things to do on Friday nights.

Oh God how I wish it had been softcore. Well, except that I had my three month old daughter with me. Then again, I watched Land of the Dead with her. She will be in therapy about all of this in 20 years.

What pisses me off is that the several cable channels that show porn all show it at the same time, so for a while you’re flipping back and forth to try to catch everything and by 1 am it’s all over.