A ninja pays half my rent


Dont know about anybody else, but I detest blind links that start an automatic download. Please let people know if something is going to start a download.

Good point, wasn’t thinking when I posted.

It’s a short film about…well…a ninja paying half a guy’s rent.

Not normally a big deal for most people, but as I am still without work [19 months now] any problem with my computer has to be long distance [from germany] diagnosed and me walked through doing any sort of repair as I cant just send it out to be de-virused so I am [realistically] anal about protecting my poor little abused laptop[did i mention that a couplemonths ago it got pissed in by my roomies cat and is just now more or less working, but i cant risk anything more abusive happening to poor lil Diogenes…]

Many people detest anything that automatically does anything - download, open a windoooooow/popup, javascript one of those funky pointer effects [the trailing clock pointers, raindrops…] and some people arent technically ssavvy and have panic attacks if they think something is attacking the computer, my dad would have a cow if something ‘siezed control’ of his computer like that…

bouv, that was good :smiley: I’ve always had a soft spot for nija spoofs. Speaking of good shorts, have you ever seen The Boogeyman’s Birthday?

That is why one should never blindly click on links :smiley: :eek:

That was great!

aruvgan: thanks for the warning.

No sound.

This is why one should never click a link without checking the status bar first. Hovering the mouse over the link reveals that you’re going to a .wmv file.

Well, it’s cause either Jesus doesn’t love you, or you’ve got something, somewhere, muted, or broken…or maybe a non-up-to-date codec. But I’m 90% sure it’s because Jesus doesn’t love you.