A note from Cecil Adams about The Straight Dope

A note from Cecil Adams about The Straight Dope

R.I.P., Straight Dope.

The king is dead. Long live the SDMB.

Wow! Ed, that was beautiful, what you wrote – I mean, what you printed at Cecil’s request – about the SDMB: its history, its purpose, its longevity, its uniqueness, its devoted membership.

Thanks for decades of wonderful mini-essays. You brought the spirit of Montaigne to the late 20th century age of urban free weekly newspapers, and managed to keep it going – as relevant as ever – deep into the early 21st century age of the Internet.

Taking longer than we thought? It will take forever. You’ll always be a part of the process.

Thanks Ed, nice goodbye piece. And thank you very very much for all the columns over the years. “See the snow. It fornicates.”

If the new Straight Dope book contained new work, I would be happy to buy a copy. A hard copy. In hardback even.



I’m sorry to learn this.

It’s been said that Cecil Adams can never truly die, because if you kill him, you become him.

That being said, let’s hope this board stays alive forever.

I bought my first Straight Dope book in The Coliseum Book Store on W. 57th St in NYC.
Musta been about…1987. I stood in the aisle laughing.

I’m damned sad to see this day arrive.

Cecil and Slug.


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Wow, that was a hard read. Thanks for all the years that intelligence was distributed to the masses, I’ve been a follower from the first time the SD appeared in our local alternative paper (age prevents me from remembering the name.)

I look forward to adding your next SD publication to my collection of worn-out past volumes.


“All men who repeat a line from Shakespeare, ARE Shakespeare.”

– Jorge Luis Borges

Oh, man. Say it ain’t so! :frowning:
I found the first book on a bench in an airport. I stole it and laughed all the way to Little Rock. I will buy the new book.

I first came across The Straight Dope in the San Diego Reader nigh 1984 … an island of common sense in a sea of liberal insanity … since then it’s been a must-read every Friday …

Few in the comedy business last for so long … Mark Twain, Dave Berry and now our Unca Cece … a remarkable run, thank you …

Always your best friend:

P.S. For you, I’ll use a period.

i haz a sad.

Great job with the last column, tho. So long, and thanks for all the Straight Dope!

Used to check out the books from the library as a kid. Found this place through AOL.

I’m glad the SDMB will live on.

I understand that Slug is being sent to a farm upstate.

I know what that means…

For all the columns, for all the things I’ve learned, for all the things I’ve unlearned, for the fun, for the snark, for the art, and especially for the opportunity to contribute just a bit-Thank you, Mr. Zotti.

I liked the lack of editing, gave it the authentic(?) touch. I hope this means more time to post on the boards (you know, under whatever name you prefer…) :cool:

But seriously, I appreciate all your work and guidance over the years, in particular your last column. Taking longer than we thought indeed - I still see the Prevegen ads and so does my father, who I have to occasionally convince that they’re snake oil.

Have you considered hooking up with Obama?:slight_smile: