A note I sent to my elected leaders this morning (torture)

So I’m disturbed enough about the reports in the Washington Post regarding the use of torture by American soliders and other personnel on prisoners in the soi-disant War on Terror that I decided to write to my Senators and Congressman today. For the record that’s Senator George Allen, Senator John Warner and Congressman Frank Wolf. All Republicans and Allen and Wolf are well-positioned in the Republican Party hierarchy. Here’s hoping.

This is what I sent (adapted for the specific person):

Remember, folks, you, too can write to your elected leaders. You can make your voice heard.

Here’s the link for the House of Representatives

And here’s the link for the Senate

I suppose I’m taking a page from Amnesty International here. I’m a member of AI and I’ve long thought that simply letting people know that I am aware of an issue can have an impact.

Again…here’s hoping.

Best of luck.

Fine letter. Good point, right tone. If you’re lucky, your representatives will be glad to receive it.

Well, in any case I’m glad you sent it. Good show.

Bob Graham, Bill Nelson, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen have heard from UncleBill.

too bad none of these people are in Congress… :smiley:

Well written, Jonathan Chance.

Congratulations Jonathan Chance. This Amnesty International member salutes you.
For the people less politically savvy: this site will find your US state/federal representatives based on your US zipcode.

Nice job, very well done.

We have written to our congresspeople several times on various issues, with less than great responses (or none at all). I have actually had the best luck writing to congresspeople of whom I was not a constituent! I was vehemently opposed to the US Army going to a black beret for all enlisted personnel (black berets were the uniform of Rangers exclusively prior to then- another rant for another day) and wrote to several prominent congressmen, as well as all members of the Senate and House Armed Services committees.

I got two letters back. One was from Strom Thurmond, if you can believe it. Signed and everything. I saved it. The other was from John McCain. Both were very nice, and Thurmond’s even included a copy of a letter he sent to an Army official asking about my concerns!

Nothing came of the campaign (obviously) but I was glad to have done it.

We now write to our reps quite a bit. You can email them as well.

Thank you, everyone.

Let me make this clear: none of you will ever meet a more cynical person regarding the behavior of congress than me. I covered Congress and the White House for two years before I burned out. So usually I feel pretty hopeless about them.

But the pattern of the last few days:

  1. Thursday, 6AM: Washington Post covers use of torture by American troops.
  2. Thursday 3PM: Administration denies everything.
  3. Friday, 6AM: Washington Post lead editorial condemns administration

Just got to me. The Administrations clearly knows that what they’re doing is wrong. And they’re covering it up.

There are some lines that a free society simply should not cross…regardless of the price.

6 weeks later I’m staring at a letter…

Just a quick reminder to everyone –

If you are writing to one of your represenatives (email or otherwise) make absolutely sure you provide them with your address. They pretty much have to ignore your letter unless they know you’re one of their constituents.

Interesting thread, JC, I missed it on the first go 'round. It’s of particular note at this point since my daughter, a first grader, has an assignment next week to write to the current President. It’s their President’s day assignment. My wife already mentioned that “maybe you shouldn’t get involved in that one”. Ha.