A nuclear Ukraine.

If, Russia does take over the Crimea, would Ukraine seriously consider withdrawing from the NPT and becoming a nuclear state? The Ukraine has no lack of ability in this sphere.

How would the US/NATO react to such a project?

I doubt it, Ukraine didn’t really want the massive stockpile it had because it’s just too poor to maintain or secure it all. But at least some Ukrainian leaders wanted to maintain a limited stockpile of 50-100 nuclear weapons for defensive purposes but were pressured into complete disarmament. Part of what they got in exchange was a trilateral agreement in which the U.S. and Russia both agreed to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The problem with going back nuclear I think is Ukraine doesn’t have the ready infrastructure to manufacture a bunch or any warheads whatever know how some Ukrainian scientists may or may not have.

I have no love for the North Korean or Iranian nuclear programs, but what is happening in Ukraine is why I’ve said it is 100% logical for a country to want nuclear weapons. Countries without them get invaded and countries with them never do.

It’s build able. And a French style arsenal makes a lot more sense for Ukraine.

The article you linked to only proves that there were a lot of nuclear weapons in Ukraine while it was part of the Soviet Union. That, in itself, is meaningless to the question of whether the independent nation of Ukraine, as presently constituted, has the capability to develop nukes. I don’t claim any expertise but I suspect that while they might be capable, it wouldn’t be as simple or straightforward as you seem to think. And while I am sympathetic to the idea that Russia may be less likely to interfere with a nuclear-armed Ukraine, I am still uncomfortable with the prospect of another nuclear state in the world; especially one which is experiencing political instability at this very moment. It would be far better, I think, for Ukraine to be under the NATO nuclear umbrella.

I don’t understand the OP. If Russia takes over, what the Ukraine wants or doesn’t want will be completely immaterial. The question will be what Russia wants.

I just realized that I misreada the OP. I pretty much agree with Boyo Jim. If Ukraine did come under Russian domination, what would be the point in them developing their own nukes? Presumably Russia would just deploy its own nukes in Ukraine.

OP said “if Russia takes over Crimea”.

I assume NATO/the west would look unfavorably on this project. I agree with Martin Hyde that it clearly works though.

Yep, been apparent for a while that possessing even limited number of nukes is a get out of jail free card.

Axis of evil:

Iraq: ass kicked
Iran: Mucho saber rattling
North Korea: Negotiations