A Perfect Getaway - Spoiled by movie listing

There’s a new movie A Perfect Getaway. It’s a suspense thriller where a young couple on their Honeymoon in Hawaii find out someone has been murdered, and could be following them. They are off in the boonies, and there’s a couple they hook up with that seem creepy and another couple that might be following them that seem downright scary. So the movie is all about solving who is who and if they will live through the adventure.

So I’m looking it up on Yahoo! and check the plot synopsis. Then I decide to check the cast list to see if I recognize anyone other than Milla Jovavich.

The cast list has a dual list of stars and character names. And then blatantly obvious is the two characters that have two character names while everyone else has only one. Uh, gee, with a mystery and possible killers, you think maybe the ones using an alias might be the killers?

The worst part, which I will spoiler box, because that is the real spoiler:

[spoiler]No really, this is a spoiler.

While I didn’t recognize any of the other names and didn’t dwell on the list once I spotted that detail, one of the dual-named characters is Milla. She’s the wife, the only one of the stars I knew by name. So if it had been anyone else, I would have been fine just by quickly looking away, but because I know her, the surprise plot twist is completely blown. :mad: [/spoiler]

So yeah, I’m a bit pissed at Yahoo! And if you’re thinking about going to see the movie, don’t look up the cast list ahead of time.

By the way, the movie is pretty enjoyable. It has good suspense and is funny.

I really enjoyed the movie; it’s a great little summertime thriller.

And while I agree that the main twist of who the killer(s) is/are is pathetically easy to figure out (even without a cast listing), I thought the flashback explaining the why and the how more than made up for it.

Thinking back on it, the twist was actually very cleverly set up. I’ll keep this vague, but I especially liked the way that hindsight revealed I had totally misread certain conversations.

The movie is no classic, certainly, but I can’t imagine anyone not having a great time with it.

I’m so glad I haven’t looked… I kinda wanna see it. I saw Steve Zahn in the commercial. I’ve loved him since since That Thing You Do!

I haven’t seen the movie, don’t want to, and have only seen the 1 trailer.

I already knew who the killers would turn out to be. It presented itself as a twist-ending kind of movie, and if the main mystery is “is it couple B or couple C?” the only way you can twist it is by having it be couple A.

Thanks for confirming for me though. Would have had to read a spoiler website eventually to make sure I was right.

I’m kind of a connoisseur of twist endings (sometimes when I’m writing stories, I’ll think of the twist ending before I even think of the plot), so very rarely do I not see them coming a million miles away.

I have no intention of seeing the movie, but I’m pleased to see that I figured out who the killers were the first time I saw the trailer.

I’m usually terrible at that sort of stuff. I feel quite smart now! :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind if I had figured it out. What annoys me is the stupid credits listing gave it away.

I mean, you read a publicity poster to see who is in it, right? That’s what I wanted to do. But online, they give it with a credit listing with the cast names.

It’s not like I went to IMDB or went looking at reviews. I just was curious who was in it.

That would be having the cast listing for the original “The Empire Strikes Back” listing “Darth Vader/Annakin Skywalker”. I know now it doesn’t matter much, but then, that was huge.

I’d also figured it out from the trailers. But really, that’s probably largely a fault of the trailers and such. I’m sure there’s a way they could’ve framed things to make it less obvious.

And, of course, there’s the fact that a lot of moviegoers aren’t as genre-savvy as the average Doper.